• Elastic search error message on DPM Web UI

    While accessing the DPM UI Settings page and save any changes I get the following message   An error occurred while processing the Elasticsearch query: None of the configured nodes are available: [{#transport#-1...
    Sree Krishnan
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  • Proliferation in Secure@Source

    Like to understand how proliferation works in Secure@Source.   Are the data stores "linked" if the sensitive data fields contain the same name in any given 2 data stores?   Can we add custom logic (just li...
    Noor Basha Shaik
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  • Database creation scripts

    Hi All,   I'm trying to install Secure@Source on RHEL 7.x server. I am following the installation document available on knowledge base, however the document is just providing theoretical explanation and steps. &...
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  • Informatica Secure@Source Integration with Azure Information Protection (AIP) solutions

    Hi Team,   Is anyone have idea about how to integrate the Informatica Secure@Source with Azure Information Protection (AIP). I could not able to find anything from Informatica resources (Docs, Videos, H2L). ...
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  • Link Secure@Source 5.1 DataStores with Axon's Process Facet

    Hi, As per the latest release guide documentation for Secure@Source 5.1, it is said we can link Secure@Source DataStore's with Process facet in Axon. My doubt is, when I create a resource in EDC to link with axon an...
    Aryama Ivaturi
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  • Secure @ Source Trail Version

    Hi Team,   I need few clarifications on Secure@Source.   How to get the trail version of Secure at Source?? From the videos I could see that 2 servers is required. Hadoop - Please provide the steps to con...
    Durai Narasimhan
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  • Where can I get Informatica Secure at Source Installer file

    Where can I get Informatica Secure at Source Installer file
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  • Does Secure@Source TDM extension support Big Data in place Masking

    Hi, I have Secure@Source 5.1 and TDM 10.2.2, both installed on the same machine. I see that there is an OOTB Extension in S@S called Big Data Protection used to mask big data sources in tdm. My query is, doesn't TDM ...
    Aryama Ivaturi
    created by Aryama Ivaturi
  • Integration of Secure@Source and OneTrust

    Hi Informatica Team, I wanted to know whether Secure@Source (5.1) has an integration with OneTrust or not ? I tried to find it out in the User Guide,but not able to find anything.   If you have any information ...
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  • How to do Persistent Data Masking in Secure@Source

    Hello, Can someone help me with the steps on how to do PDM in Secure@Source. After I create a TDM extension, how do I implement it on a datastore and mask my sensitive PII data?
    Aryama Ivaturi
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  • Need steps for upgrade Informatica Secure at the Source (S@S) version 5.0

    All,   Please someone share upgrade steps.
    Dorothy Xavier
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  • Import S@S output to TDM/PDM

    Asked Informatica directly but get conflicting answers   S@S 4.5 (cloud implementation) scans a local db and produces a list of PII fields it has found. We wish this csv exported list to be imported into PDM/TDM...
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  • Persistent Data Masking in Secure@Source

    Hi, Can someone explain me the difference between the plugins: Persistent Data Masking Big Data Protection Extension and Remote Domain Protection Extension? As per my understanding, the Big Data Protection Extension...
    Aryama Ivaturi
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  • Secure@Source: Data Security Deep Dive

    I began to study this course. I need to know if I can configure some labs to practice. I need to certificate. I need your help!
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  • working dynamic masking with tableau

    Hi!   we recently were working on a project that require using tableau with dynamic data masking service. things all work fine till we try to extract a large table with approx. 20000000 records of data thru ddm...
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  • Secure@Source and EIC Data Sources

    Hi,   Is it possible to use same data source with EIC on S@S or vice versa? If we have EIC and S@S both, do we need to collect metadata and user activities separately?   My aim is to read data source onc...
    Ahmet Kaplan
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  • Secure@Source integration with TDM

    Hello,   Can we integrate Secure@Source with TDM to auto generate the masking plans for the columns that were identified as PII in Secure@Source?   Thanks
    sunny K
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  • Secure@Source and Business Glossary

    Like to understand if there is a way to integrate (even if a light custom solution) business glossary with the sensitive data discovered using Secure@Source.   We have Informatica Data Quality standard edition s...
    Noor Basha Shaik
    created by Noor Basha Shaik
  • S@S : Deleting Multiple Datastores

    Hello,   I have a list of data stores that I would like to delete them from Secure@Source UI. Is there any way that we can automate it instead of deleting it manually?   Appreciate your help.   Thanks.
    sunny K
    created by sunny K
  • Secure@Source 4.0 and User Activity

    It appears from the Secure@Source4.0 user guide documentation that user activity can only be utilised via Salesforce. Could you please elaborate on this limitation and if further development is expected in future to ...
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