• Error: PMIDM_26070 "Failed to retrieve input value corresponding to mask "

    Dear All,   I face the below issue while executing TDM substitution masking with dictinoary.   Error Message: pmidm_26070: [ERROR] Failed to retrieve input value to mask.   Could someone please help...
    Thameem Ansari
    created by Thameem Ansari
  • Informatica TDM - any workaround for no data scenario in TDM subset

    Hi All,   I am facing no data scenario for my data subset plans in Informatica TDM. I have gone through this link https://kb.informatica.com/h2l/HowTo%20Library/1/0727-RelationshipsAndTheImpactOfOptimizingRelati...
    Rohit Borse
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  • Data susbset of tables having cyclic relationship

    Hi,   I am using informatica TDM 10.2 to do data susbset. I have DB2 database in ZOS system.I have tables having cyclic relationships. I have created subset entity and generated the workflow.Workflow ran fine bu...
    Padmanabha G
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  • Informatica TDM User Guide Language

    Hi All,   In how many languages informatica TDM user guide is available apart from English?   Is user interface in French, German, Swedish, Dannish, Dutch?     Regards, Miti
    Miti Gangele
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  • Informatica TDM profiling showing as running for couple of hours...please advice

    com.informatica.ilm.mis.ide95.adapters.IDEAdapter] [] [] [INFO] [Profile scheduled is currently - RUNNING   Started profiling  a small table with 600 rows and execute profile shows as "RUNNING" and nothing ...
    kalyan chagallu
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  • BLOB and CLOB Masking

    Hi   I am currently using informatica TDM 10.2.2 and looking for a solution where I can mask image (BLOB) with one constant image (BLOB) for all the values in the oracle database.   Based on this link, I u...
    Miti Gangele
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  • LOAD_FAILED error while executing masking workflow in Informatica TDM 10.4.0

    Hi, I have created a TEST PROJECT to perform Data Masking. I have assigned policy and masking rule to the column and then created a new plan and generated the workflow in order to execute it. But, when I executed th...
    Geeta Sharma
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  • Data source of type Unknown not supported while generating worklfow.

    Hi,   I am using DB2 unload file(in mainframe) as a source ,getting below error message while generating workflow.   Data source of type Unknown not supported at com.informatica.ilm.pdmds.offline.jobsteph...
    Padmanabha G
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  • carrying same masked value in different job run in TDM

    Dear All, Below is my senario detail.   Have a customer file and that needs to be masked. The masked values for each attributes are changing  in each run currently.But  my requirement is that i need ...
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  • Mask two fields in seperate databases with the same values

    Hi team, I have a request that I need achieve consistent masking for name fields in two seperate databases.   The issues here are: 1. There is no relation between the tables in the two databases. for example o...
    Dimitris Karistinos
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  • Identity Columns in DB2 tables

    Hi, I'm performing inflight masking on DB2 tables and some tables have identity columns as generated always. When I'm generating workflows then all the workflows are getting generated with disable-enable command task...
    Shiney Abraham
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  • TDM does not start

    Hi all, I've just installed TDM 10.4.0 but service does not start. In domain log I have this error:   SPC_10008 : Service process [TDM] generated the following output error: [Could not get spc event handler fr...
    Marco Tizzano
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  • Add a masking rule to TDM manually

    I need to add a rules to the TDM via oracle database, so i tryied to find all mentiones in TDM tables. I fount that information about rules situated in:   1. AUDIT_OBJECT_PROPERTY  2. AUDIT_OBJECT_TRIAL ...
    ivan kozhin
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  • Web Service Provider Source & Target In Informatica TDM

    Hi All,   Can anyone explain how to create source and target definition as web services and deploy it as service.   Thanks In Advance,   Regards, Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar
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  • Informatica Test Data Management 10.4 is Now Available

    Informatica Test Data Management 10.4 has been released and is now available for shipping immediately. This release contains various fixes requested by customers, critical enhancements, and PAM updates.   Enhan...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Can Masking Rules Created In TDM be used in PC Mapping?

    I am very new to Informatica TDM, I am building a mapping where I have to de-identify some of columns. We will use this mapping as web service where client will call the mapping and mask the data.   Now I can s...
    Vivek Kumar
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  • Direct Metadata Import in Informatica TDM 10.2.0.HF2

    Hi,   I am using Informatica TDM 10.2.0.HF2. This version supports direct import of metadata for DB2 tables in ZOS  into TDM repository without importing first in PowerCenter repository.   I created t...
    Padmanabha G
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  • What version of TDM will be compatible with PowerCenter 10.4.0?

    we are currently on TDM 10.2 HF1   looking to upgrade TDM to  a version that will take advantage of some of the new capabilities of Power-center 10.4.0
    Elias Shaikh
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  • Is it possible to assign advanced masking rules with TDM REST API?

    Hi,   New feature of TDM was introduced in 10.2.0 HF1 allows you to use REST API to talk with TDM from 3rd party tools.   One of the functions that was exposed is Rulesassignment (Assign a Masking Rule to ...
    Pavel Henrykhsen
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  • How to incorporate metadata changes into TDM project

    We are using TDM to mask tables provided by a 3rd party vendor's product. When new releases of the product are installed, there are many changes to tables and columns. What is the best way to incorporate these changes...
    JoAnn Kulcyk
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