• When will TDM 10.5.1 be available ?

    Is there a known date for the release of TDM 10.5.1 ?
    Luc Pottier
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  • change only one character of a string

    Hello   I need to create a masking rule in TDM. In which only the eighth character of each string is changed.   Example:   abcdef59XXX -> abcdef50XXX   Can someone help me how to create thi...
    Robin Kuhn
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  • TDM not available - upgrade not supported fro 10.4.0

    Hi all, I just installed TDM service on my Informatica 10.4.0 Version of TDM is also 10.4.0. But when I try to enable this service there is a error: "Cannot start service [] on any node specifiede for the service che...
    Egor Nalimov
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  • Can TDM connect directly to EDC to integrate profiling and data domain information?

    Can TDM connect directly to EDC to integrate profiling and data domain information?
    Heather Hartman
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  • Regenerate workflows post TDM upgrade

    Hi All,   We are planning our test environment upgrade from v10.2 HF2 to v10.4 and the upgrade guide talks about regenerating workflows to update the absolute paths defined in the command tasks.   Per my i...
    Akshay HB
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  • TDM Logs folder description

    Hi Team,   This is regarding TDM 10.4.1 logs files. I could see that logs information are scattered into multiple folder structure across $INFA_HOME. Can you please give some information on what is the nature of...
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  • Bring up Informatica Domain from cloned VM

    Hi Team,   We have successfully installed Informatica (TDM 10.4.1) in a VM Server (say VM1). Due to unavoidable situation, this VM will be shutdown and cloned to another VM (say VM2). We have been asked to use...
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  • New additions to firstNames.dic and lastNames.dic

    Hi Team,   I'm facing error "ERROR [22050] in processing Eof for input group 0"  in TDM while masking First name. Hence, I would like to add more entries into below dictionaries in order to avoid error: ...
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  • TM Error: [ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver][Microsoft SQL Server]Invalid object name

    Hello,           i'm trying to execute a data masking of one sql server table. but appear this error:   INFO : Mon Feb 15 16:40:21 2021 [RR_4029] : READER_1_1_1 SQ I...
    renato Talo
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  • Mask a specific record

    Good Morning, I want to ask if there is an approach to mask a certain record in database table instead of applying masking rule on the whole table.
    Shady Khaled
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  • Performance Tuning for TDM 10.4.1

    Hi Team,   May I ask what are Informatica's recommendations / Best practice for Performance tuning TDM 10.4.1?
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  • Informatica TDM - preserving referential integrity across multiple schema residing in multiple DB Servers

    Hi Team,   Can I check if Informatica TDM can preserve Referential Integrity across multiple Oracle schema residing different Database instance or different database servers? For instance, Let us assume the foll...
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  • SQL Queries in Subset Entity Criteria for Mainframe Files

    Hi,   I have a  requirement to subset data present in mainframe QSAM/VSAM files using Informatica TDM 10.2.0 HF2. In  the subset entity is it possible to provide SQL queries in the entity criteria for ...
    Padmanabha G
    created by Padmanabha G
  • 10.4.1 PAM and Docs for TDM & PDM

    Hi Team,   I'm new to TDM. Could someone please guide me PAM of TDM 10.4.1? How many database userid needed for TDM installation? Does TDM need any client to be installed?   Is TDM and PDM the same?  ...
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  • Sorter cache size in TDM 10.4.0

    Hi All,   I need to use related tables in some of the rules assignment, which causes sorters to be used in the generated mappings. The problem is the sorters always get a default amount of cache of 8388608 bytes...
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  • Passing Parameter file in REST API CURL

    Hi,   We have a requirement to execute workflows using REST API curl command .These workflows use parameter file.I don't want to use REST API UI as it is a manual process.Can we pass parameter file as an argumen...
    Padmanabha G
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  • Error: PMIDM_26070 "Failed to retrieve input value corresponding to mask "

    Dear All,   I face the below issue while executing TDM substitution masking with dictinoary.   Error Message: pmidm_26070: [ERROR] Failed to retrieve input value to mask.   Could someone please help...
    Thameem Ansari
    created by Thameem Ansari
  • Informatica TDM - any workaround for no data scenario in TDM subset

    Hi All,   I am facing no data scenario for my data subset plans in Informatica TDM. I have gone through this link https://kb.informatica.com/h2l/HowTo%20Library/1/0727-RelationshipsAndTheImpactOfOptimizingRelati...
    Rohit Borse
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  • Data susbset of tables having cyclic relationship

    Hi,   I am using informatica TDM 10.2 to do data susbset. I have DB2 database in ZOS system.I have tables having cyclic relationships. I have created subset entity and generated the workflow.Workflow ran fine bu...
    Padmanabha G
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  • Informatica TDM User Guide Language

    Hi All,   In how many languages informatica TDM user guide is available apart from English?   Is user interface in French, German, Swedish, Dannish, Dutch?     Regards, Miti
    Miti Gangele
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