TDM 10.2 R1 has been released to shipping and is generally available immediately. This product release provides significant improvements to functional tester productivity, expanded PAM for Test Data Generation & test data warehouse, and encryption as a new protection technique.


TDM Core Enhancements


  1. Self-Service Portal: The new self-service portal enables functional testers to prepare data and provision data for their testing environments in a modern UI. Functional testers can now do the following in the self-service portal:
    • Create copies of data
    • View and edit data
    • Tag data
    • Subset data
    • View related data
    • Restore/reset data

Benefits: Simplified operational user experience and improved tester productivity


Test data Generation & Test Data Warehouse Enhancements


  1. PostgreSQL as repository for Test Data Warehouse: TDM 10.2 R1ships with PostgreSQL that can be used as the repository for Test Data Warehouse. Customers can continue to use Oracle as a repository too.

  Benefits: cost savings and reduced licensing requirements


    2. Expanded support for TDG & TDW: The following file formats are now supported for Test Data Generation & Test Data Warehouse:

    • Sequential multi record files
    • VSAM multi record files
    • IMS multi record files
    • PWX single record sequential files

   3. PAM Updates

    • My SQL support for data subset, data masking, TDG & TDW
    • Native Netezza support
    • PostgreSQL as a source for data subset, data masking & TDG


Persistent Data Masking Enhancements


  1. Encryption: 10.2 R1 introduces a new protection technique – Format Preserving Encryption for relational data stores.
    • Format preserving encryption allows for the replacement of alphabets with alphabets, while maintaining case, and replacement of numbers with numbers
    • Metadata preserving encryption allows for encryption as long as length and data type are maintained
    • Encryption based on a pass phrase
    • Support for string data types

Benefits: Share sensitive data with partners in a secure way. Decrypt to get back original data after processing is done. No change in metadata required.


   2.  Export/import Data Domain Column assignments: TDM 10.2 R1 provides the ability to export and import data domain column assignments.

Benefits: Improved productivity of compliance managers and security officers as they can now review the risk of each column offline and assign data domains to them. They do not have to be TDM users to be doing this work.


   3.  Integration with Secure@Source: Support for asynchronous data protection tasks initiated by Secure@Source and completed by TDM/PDM users.

Benefits: improved interop across Informatica products to detect and protect sensitive data


Informatica Test Data Management (TDM) 10.2 R1 Release Notes


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