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New Capabilities


1. Test Data on demand


Improved efficiencies for Test engineers by enabling generation of test data while executing a plan. Test data Administrators can parameterize various parameters like the connection, Owner & the Criteria’s while creating the plan & test engineers can provide the requires parameter values from within the TDM UI while executing the plans.


2. SSN Randomized masking – new SSN masking rules for valid & invalid SSNs


3. PDM Enhancement


   1. Secure @ Source integration – Support data masking for sensitive data from Secure@Source

       - Protect data from within Secure @ Source by defining masking as a protection mechanism

       - Inplace masking for Hive sources from within the Secure@Source environments

   2. Support for Spark ingestion to improve performance


4. HDFS Reader/Writer Support (for PC Mappings)


Customer Requested Enhancements


  1. Table metadata can now be deleted from an entity forming part of the project.
  2. Test data generation scheduled to  be run at a later time can be unscheduled
  3. DMO session properties are now available in the TDM UI
  4. Support for computed Column in TDM


These enhancements provide significant operational efficiencies to our Customer’s test data creation & management processes.


Supportability Enhancements


  1. Trigger management for Sql Server, Oracle, Sybase & DB2. Triggers created on these tables will now be automatically dropped and created while doing a subset.
  2. Recursive Executor changes – Commits have now been introduced at regular intervals while running recursive executor for large data sets to avoid db lock issues and also to log the work being done.
  3. Marking Staging table as MASTER.
  4. 40 plus Customer requested Change requests


PAM updates


  1. DB2 zOS support for test data generation
  2. MongoDB support for Subset, TDG & TDW


PAM for Informatica Test Data Management 10.2.0


Informatica Test Data Management 10.2.0 Release Notes


Informatica Test Data Management 10.2.0 Release Guide