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This release contains major new capabilities, enhancements and bug fixes. Following are the highlights of the release:


  • Support for XML files
    • XML files in a folder can be masked, generated and subsetted and placed in another folder
  • Masking on Hadoop
    • New masking techniques such as Advanced Rules, Custom Rules, Substitution masking, Shuffle Masking, Conditional Masking
    • Support for Auto and Value Cascades
    • Support for Kerberos Authenticated Clusters
    • Updated platform coverage for Hadoop distributions
  • Several Enhancements to operationalize automation of test environments and masking data
    • Naming Conventions for sessions, mappings and workflows
    • Location for log file directories
    • Parameterization of seed values
  • Enhanced capabilities for Test Data Generation
    • Ability to profile columns of data and infer data generation rules
    • Several enhancements to improve the time required to set up generation rules
  • Profiling enhancements
    • Sensitive data domain profiling using reference tables or custom rule
    • Enhanced integration with IDE for import of data domains and Data domain assignments with curation information
  • Change Propagation
    • Present users with impacted objects before making rule changes
    • Support automated propagation of changes


Informatica Test Data Management 9.7.1 Release Notes


PAM for Test Data Management 9.7.1