This release contains new capabilities, enhancements and bug fixes. Following are the highlights of the release:


  • New capabilities in Test Data Generation to support business rules and special cases in generated data
    • Conditional Rules
    • Advanced Rules
    • Generate Credit Cards
    • Finer level control on parent child ratios when generating entities
  • Improved Self service capabilities in Test Data Warehouse
    • Browse, find, tag and search data in Test Data Warehouse
    • Manage Data in Test Data Warehouse
    • Test Data Coverage Analysis
    • Augment data in whitespace of test data
  • Improved Performance
    • Support for Blaze for masking in Hadoop
    • Performance improvements when resetting data in test environments
  • PAM expansion
    • Support for masking to AVRO and Parquet file formats


Informatica Test Data Management (TDM) 10.1.0 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Test Data Management (TDM) 10.1.0