• FTP connection import into TDM from Powercenter

    Hi,   Am trying to import a FTP connection created in Powercenter 9.6.1 into TDM 9.7.0. When I import connections from TDM, it shows as 'The import completed successfully', but don't see the connection created f...
  • sub set on file

    Hi All,   I have a doubt is it possible to get a subset of data from a file using TDM tool   Regards, Sanjeevi
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  • ILM Data Subset 6.1.D for SAP and Data Privacy 6.1.D for SAP is now available

    Release Highlights:   Informatica Data Subset 6.1.D for SAP:   Automatic deletion of HR employee data for “source wins” scenarios Enhanced entity for New General Ledger Size estimation for S...
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