We are excited to announce the availability of Secure@Source v5.1 with you. This release enhances our Privacy features and functionalities by addressing one of the key market requirements in responding to DSAR request in an automated fashion. Additionally, the release boasts significant features and enhancements:

  • Automated DSAR Creation
    • Extends Subject Registry feature for DSAR requests
    • Addresses operational inefficiencies in procuring subject data
    • Provides detail map of data so that additional responses to subject requests such as RTBF and Rectification can be easily achieved
    • Intuitive design provides the capability to address errors and retry failed queries

Benefits: Operationalizes DSAR response, which is otherwise manual and costly. This feature provides significant savings and helps organizations comply with CCPA , GDPR, and other Privacy regulations

  • Enhanced AXON integration for Privacy Governance
    • Integration of Axon Processes
      • Overlay display of Processes in Secure@Source
      • Evaluation of Process condition rules in security policies
    • Integration of Axon Stakeholder information for policy violation notification

Benefits: Expanded end-to-end governance capabilities for privacy use cases across business and technical users.

  • Intelligent Global Whitelist / Blacklist
    • Provides flexibility and intelligence in applying manual curations across the enterprise
    • Displays the customizations in one staging area for further scope consideration
    • You can expand the scope of a column to a domain to map to all data stores, schemas, and tables

Benefits: Allow more efficient application of S@S individual Whitelist / Blacklist rules across the enterprise environment

  • Report exception and continue
    • Customer enhancement request that allows scans to continue for other data stores despite an error in one store
    • Reports on the errors so that they can be remediated

Benefits: More efficient use of maintenance windows for performing scans, avoiding the loss of scan opportunity, time and effort

  • Reset Classification Results
    • Customer enhancement request combine this with the next bullet, example: ”Customer enhancement request to continue to use the existing settings and credentials for a data store”
    • Continue to use the existing settings and credentials for a data store
    • Better user experience in case of a need to reset classification

Benefits: Simplifies the classification results reset by removing the need to add the data store again, which requires DBA involvement


Release Guide: https://docs.informatica.com/data-security-group/secure-at-source/5-1/release-guide/secure-source-version-5-1.html

Release Notes: https://docs.informatica.com/data-security-group/secure-at-source/5-1/release-notes/abstract.html

PAM for Informatica Secure@Source v5.1