Secure@Source v4.1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.  This is the seventh release of the product with the following new capabilities:


  • Core Improvements

o   Residual risk cost: Cost of unprotected sensitive data.

o   User profile page:  Provides a single and comprehensive view of user details such as directory information, data stores and sensitive fields accessed, and security policies and anomalies associated with the user.

Benefits: Accurate risk analytics, curation of anomaly, and a 360-degree view of user access and risk.


  • Axon Integration (Available with Axon 5.1 release coming Dec 2017)

o   Mapping of system to Data Stores.

o   Mapping of Axon Policy to Security and Classification Policies.

o   Privacy dashboard for policy and system

Benefits: Operationalization on GDPR policy, discover relevant data, assess coverage, risk, and cost, receive alerts on deviations/anomalies for better governance, continuous measurement and monitoring attainment against policies.


  • Customer Enhancements

o   Enriched content in data store export files.

o   Enabled option to fetch the Security Group of a datastore from the parent repository.

o   Report on historical scans.

o   Report of tables that have changed since the last scan.

o   Filter enhancements.

Benefits: Ease of use.


  • PAM Additions

o   Apache Hive on Amazon EMR 5.4.

o   HDFS on Amazon EMR 5.4.

o   Apache Hive on MapR 5.2.0 with MEP 2.x.

Benefits: Enterprise readiness and accelerated time to value.


  • Localization for French and German (only with Secure@Source 4.1)

Benefits: Enterprise readiness and accelerated time to value in the EMEA region.


Note that Secure@Source 4.1 has a component installer that must be deployed on top of Secure@Source 4.0.



Informatica Secure@Source 4.1 Release Notes


Informatica Secure@Source 4.1 Release Guide


Note: To download this version, please open a shipping request.