Informatica Secure@Source 4.0 is now available. This is the sixth release of the product with the following new capabilities:


Integrated Detect and Protect:

  • Protection integration with:
    • Informatica Persistent Data Masking
    • Ranger resource-based access control and dynamic masking
    • Sentry access control
  • Protection tasks for orchestration and task flow management

Benefits: Resolution of detected issues via uniform, automated deployment of layered data protection.


Unstructured format support

  • Discovery of sensitive unstructured data across major file formats
  • Display of aggregated results at folder level as well as file level detail

Benefits: Discovery of sensitive data across all major formats and enterprise siloes. Standardized discovery and classification for consistent results across the enterprise.



  • Out of the box GDPR policy
  • Upstream Lineage
  • GDPR Report/CSV Export

Benefits: Accelerate GDPR assessment and discovery of in-scope sensitive data to support better compliance using a policy-based approach.


UBA Enhancements

  • Configuration and display of anomaly score based on factor weights
  • Suppression of anomalies based on user-created rules

Benefits: Better targeting of high priority anomalies and reduction in false positives.


Core Product Enhancements and PAM

  • PAM: NFS, CIFS, HDInsight as a cluster, Azure SQL DB, SAP, Redshift
  • Enterprise Information Catalog Interop: Interop of data stores, data domains, application users (as sync). Installation with common infrastructure.
  • Customer Focused Enhancements: Multiple Protection mechanisms in model, Run Metadata and Data in same scan, Remove VDS with embed listener, Distinct Row Count

Benefits: Ease of use, enterprise readiness and accelerated time to value.


Informatica Secure@Source 4.0 Release Notes


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