This is the fifth release of the product with the following new capabilities:


Introduction of anomaly detection / User Behavior Analytics

  • Baselining, correlating, monitoring, and alerting on high risk anomalous user activity on sensitive data
  • Factors contributing to anomaly with observed and expected values
  • Top anomalous users and top anomalous data stores

Benefits: Reduce alert fatigue, prioritize investigations, and accelerate detection of hidden threats and suspicious behaviors.


Expanded Security Policy Framework

  • Data store, user activity, and anomaly security policies
  • Definition of security policy match conditions
  • Redesigned security policy violations interface with top users, top data stores, and top policies
  • Reusable security policy actions with substitution variables for populating violation information

Benefits: Increase efficiency of security teams to orchestrate and automate remediation of high risk data stores and events


Expanded coverage

  • Semi-structured data (CSV, XML, JSON) on HDFS and Amazon S3
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) proliferation information

Benefits: Broader visibility of sensitive data and proliferation


Improved risk analytics

  • Global tagging and filtering on data stores
  • New top data domains analytics

Benefits: Easier navigation, analysis, and reporting of high risk sensitive data.


Customer feedback and usability

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Optional scanning of views
  • Improved filtering on jobs page
  • Automated notification of job status changes