This is the fourth release of the product with the following new capabilities:


Expanded Discovery & Classification, accuracy enhancements

       Hortonworks Hive

       Conflict resolution for data & metadata match results

       Domain-level conformance score configuration

       Whitelist / Blacklist columns for data domain match

       Option to Ignore Nulls in data scans

Benefits: Improved accuracy – reduce false positives & negatives


Expanded Data Proliferation Analysis

  • Informatica Cloud Services
  • Cloudera Navigator
  • 3rd-party proliferation imports
  • Include unscanned data stores found in PowerCenter flows

Benefits: Broader visibility of sensitive data proliferation


User access & activity

  • Salesforce


3rd Party Integrations

  • Cyber Ark
  • Salesforce Shield Protection Status: reflects data protected in SFDC using Classic Encryption and Shield Platform Encryption, display the protection status in analytics accordingly.

Enhanced Analytics

  • Tagging: ability to add attributes to data stores (i.e. production or non-production) and use the information to identify high risk conditions
  • Improved view of proliferation including the ability display the data domains proliferating between data stores

Improved performance and scalability

  • Performance enhancements for user activity ingestion