Secure@Source discovers sensitive data, analyzes its exposure, sensitivity, proliferation and continuously monitors enterprise data risks and high risk conditions, to focus investments on data security and protection from external breaches and insider abuse. Secure@Source v1.2 is a new Data Security Intelligence product built upon the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform and includes the following capabilities.


  • Scan PowerCenter repositories to retrieve data store connections, proliferation mappings, DMO information, and sensitive field metadata
  • Scan relational databases to retrieve catalog information and to identify sensitive fields
  • Supports metadata and data scanning using patterns, reference tables, and rules
  • Includes predefined content for data domains and policies
  • Risk score calculation and trending
  • Interactive analysis and visualization of sensitive data
    • Geographic location
    • Logical location
    • Department
    • Proliferation volume and flow
    • Protection status
    • Sensitivity level
    • Monetary value
    • Risk score
  • Alert on high risk conditions
  • API framework and file import for bulk loading, 3rd-party integration, and system automation


Informatica Secure@Source - 1.2 - Release Notes

PAM for Secure@Source 1.2