Informatica Dynamic Data Masking 9.9.1 has been released for shipping and is available immediately.


This release contains new capabilities, enhancements, and bug fixes.


Following are the key highlights of the release:


  1. Audit Trail

Changes made in the Management Console are tracked in a file that can be downloaded into a spreadsheet and reported on.
    2. Custom Lookups

Dynamic Data Masking rules can now execute custom Java code or a PL/SQL Function and populate the value into a custom Dynamic                Data Masking symbol. This Dynamic Data Masking symbol can be used in subsequent rules for condition evaluation. 

  1. Support for AUTH-CONF for HIVE data sources

Data between Dynamic Data Masking and the database can now be secured using Kerberos.
    4. Integration with Secure @ Source

Dynamic Data Masking can now log data access events into a listener configured in S@S. These events can then be seen in the user activity in S@S. This feature is available for S@S v 5.1 and later.

  1. Dynamic Data Masking  Symbols Enhancements

       The following Dynamic Data Masking symbols are now being populated:



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PAM for Informatica Dynamic Data Masking 9.9.1