DDM 9.8.1 includes the following new features, enhancements and updates:

  • SQL-Batch Statements Masking support for SQL Server & Sybase
    • Support customers with masking for batch SQL queries
  • Masking Action Enhancements:
    • Support for preserving original row count when queries contain Distinct, Group By, Having and Order By clauses
  • XML Functions Masking Support
    • Support for parsing and masking for 48 XML Table functions across the different database platforms
  • Single Click Log Download
    • Single click supportability for customers to share logs and telemetry for efficient troubleshooting
  • Impersonation Support for Generic JDBC/ODBC
    • Support for impersonation on Netezza, Greenplum and MySQL
  • Generic JDBC/ODBC Logging
    • Client side logging for improved troubleshooting and validation of generic JDBC/ODBC configuration
  • Cleanup Scripts for SQL Server, Sybase & DB2
    • Stored procedures improvements with automated temporary tables clean up across all supported DB platforms
  • SQL Server Reduced Grants
    • Reduce privilege requirements for DDM Admin to minimize DDMAdmin privilege concerns.
  • Primitive data types support in Oracle Stored Procedure Accelerator
    • Enhanced stored procedure support with coverage for 9 primitive data types as OUT parameters
  • PAM Updates
    • Support customers with new RHEL and SUSE OS versions and Sybase and MySQL DB platforms
  • Customer CRs and Fixes
    • Includes fixes for 35 customer raised CRs



Informatica Dynamic Data Masking 9.8.1 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Dynamic Data Masking 9.8.1