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This release contains major new capabilities, enhancements and bug fixes. Following are the highlights of the release


  • Persistent Data Masking on Hadoop. This is a new offering in the Data Masking product. It allows
    • Data Domain Profiling for data that exists in Hadoop
    • Masking of data while ingestion into Hadoop
    • Masking of data that exists in Hadoop
  • Test Data Warehouse. This is a new offering in the Secure Testing Suite. It allows,
    • User to store, manage and enhance all test data at a central secure location
    • Share and re-use data set across multiple team and project with secure permission
    • Reset data set to execute test cycles without impact other testers
    • Manage version of Dataset in warehouse and being able tag, search and  reuse them to test environment
  • Permissions on Connections
  • Significant improvements in scalability for subset
  • Test Data Generation enhancement
    • Import and Export will now include Test Data Generation artifacts
    • CLI support
    • Significant improvement of PAM
  • Improvements in support for data types, special characters

Informatica - Test Data Management - 9.7.0  - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for ILM Test Data Management 9.7.0

Dynamic Data Masking  (DDM) 9.7 includes the following new capabilities

  • Support for Oracle Stored Procedures and User Defined Table Functions
  • DB2 10.0 and 10.5 Database Connectivity support
  • Oracle Exadata Ready
  • Core product enhancements and bug fixes

PAM for Dynamic Data Masking 9.7

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking - 9.7.0 - Release Notes - (English)