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The highlights of Informatica Data Archive 6.4  include:

Integrated Validation for Retirement (Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and PowerExchange Sources):

Simple, one-click validation of retired data to check for data integrity based on row count and checksum


Data Vault Enhancements:

  • Replacement of the Data Vault metadata repository
  • New command line tool for backup and restore of Data Vault metadata and data
  • Expanded security model that supports permissions at the database level
  • Ability to create logical views
  • Extended Data Vault SQL support
  • Validation for EMC Vipr as storage


SAP Retirement Enhancements:

  • Architecture with FTP transfer for special tables and attachments
  • Ability to group retirement tables by SAP Development Class
  • Automatic mining of logical constraints from SAP dictionary
  • SAP reports – new look and feel
  • Support for SAP Java connector JCO 3.0.12 onwards


JDE and OEBS Retirement Accelerator  (Phase 2)

Oracle 12c feature support for Smart Partitioning

Multiple Bug Fixes


Informatica - Data Archive - 6.4 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for ILM Data Archive 6.4