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Data Archive 5.3.7 for Oracle+

  • Smart partitioning on Oracle

o    Leverage DB partitioning feature

o    Automate table-level and entity-level partitioning

o    Zero down time when setting up the initial partitioning and updating partitions

o    Enable selection of partition name as a parameter in archiving jobs to facilitate partition-based archiving

  • SAP retirement enhancements

o    Support for SAP CRM attachments archiving (compress)

o    Support SAP entity definition for cluster table data in XML for viewing in data discovery portal (generate columns for joins)

o    External attachment archiving to another directory on file system

  • Support PWX adapters to retire mainframe systems (VSAM, IMS)


Integrated Archive Accelerators



Data Subset 5.3.7 for Oracle+

  • Bug fixes (See release notes)




Data Privacy 5.3.7 for Oracle+

  • Bug fixes (See release notes)


Release Notes


ILM Products 5.3.7 Release Notes