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Data Archive 5.3.6 for Oracle+:


  • Extraction performance enhancement for DB2 AS/400, z/OS, Teradata
  • Pause / resume in deletion step for Oracle archive to DB
  • Maintain table partition and compression in archive database
  • Cycle and table restore from file archive
  • Restore from file archive to DB archive
  • Generic JDBC driver registration to enable usage of any JDBC driver for archive source/target
  • Definition of virtual view in Enterprise Data Manager for read only staging in a retirement use case
  • Profiling enhancement – profile in IDE, export/import into EDM
  • Nano-second timestamp support for all file archive platforms
  • Retention reporting and assignment of indefinite retention policy
  • Security audit log and reporting
  • LDAP roles integration
  • Integrated Visualization Option


Integrated Archive Accelerators


  • Oracle E-Biz 12.1HR Payroll, HR Benefits, Subledgers, Work in Process, Sales Orders
  • Purge CST transactions that were left behind in a previous Archive


Data Subset 5.3.6 for Oracle+


  • Bug fixes (See release notes)


Data Privacy 5.3.6 for Oracle+


  • Bug fixes (See release notes)


ILM Products 5.3.6 Release Notes


Please use the following link to download the hotfix: