• Informatica ILM data archive

    I wanted to have some information related to ILM database archive. Let me know if anyone can be helpful.
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  • ILM data archive, to change the archive folder

    Hi, I'm using ILM Data Archive 6.4.3. After "migrating" some tables to an archive folder, can I change the Archive Folder of these tables without doing again the entire retirement process and without affecting the rep...
    Pasqua Liana Spisto
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  • ILM IDA Installation Guide

    Someone is aware How can I cen get Installation Guide for IDA 6.4-6.4.4 ?
    Konrad Mokrzanski
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  • Different of Interim Table and Staging Table

    Hi Everyone,   in ILM Data Archive, I want to ask about the difference between concept of Interim Table and Staging Table, both of which are about temporary tables? please provide a simple explanation about this...
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  • For Data Archive using ILM or EDM ?.

    Hi All,     i am new in Informatica, i wanna ask, for Data Archive it's using ILM or EDM ? or both ?.   Thanks
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  • ILM retirement job cannot insert data to Datavault

    Hello Everyone, we're in the middle of testing retirement job. but then the job cannot start to insert data from the staging file created by ilm retirement entity.   the staging file creation is completed succe...
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  • Data Archive 6.5 HotFix 1 is now Available

    Data Archive 6.5 HF1 is generally available.   Data Archive 6.5 HF1 builds on Data Archive 6.5 and provides the following features:   Re-introduction of support for Power Exchange Sources Customers can now...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Informatica Data Archive 6.5 is Now Available

    Data Archive 6.5 is generally available. The major enhancements in DA 6.5 are as follows:   Security Enhancements Secure Connection between Source and Data Archive Data Archive can now extract data from a Oracl...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Guides to refer Informatica ILM Data archive

    Hi,   We are using Infa Data Archive for the first time. Can you let us know the order of guides which i need to refer and complete installation , Configuration , Jobs , Reports etc..   Because i see many ...
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  • Data Archive Latest EBFs

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Data Archive:   EBF/CR Number EBF Available on Product and version Short Description 14086, 14021, 13704, 13927 Data Archive 6.4 HotFix 2 This E...
    Yamini Soundararajan
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  • Error during the import of Entities in Informatica DA

    Hi all,   I am have installed Informatica 6.4.4 and now I am trying to export and import custom entities from one environment to another.   After importing when I try to open I am getting an error like "Er...
    Aravind Kumar S
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  • Update ILM Staging table

    Hi ,   One of my PoC requirement is to update staging table. For that, can we write procedure in EDM and call the procedure when we execute the Archive job? How I will get Staging table name dynamically?   ...
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  • How do we automate repeated creation of Archival Applications

    Hello,   I have a requirement where in there is requirement to automate creation of ILM activities in ILM Tools. Are there commands using which we can automate creation of ILM Retirement or Live Applications.
    Jagadish Mohan Gaglani
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  • How to read from Data Vault and write in a Relational Database

    Open video

    Sujitha Ramamoorthy
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  • Adding users in ILM

    Hi,     I needed to add multiple users and set up their roles in ILM in order to be able to see and use the archived data.. Is there a way where users can be exported into ILM? TIA, Bala.
    Bala Ganeshan
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  • Where can I find definition of .sct files in detail

    Informatica Data Vault : I would like to know more deeper about .sct files concept including compression algorithms used!   If there is any relevant KB or any other link regarding this please share.
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  • I want to communicate with the Informatica ILM Team about recent go live.  Whom and how can I communicate?

    I want to communicate with the Informatica ILM Team about recent go live.  Whom and how can I communicate?
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  • Can't able to delete entity

    While I am trying to delete entity in EDM it returning the error message like below   "You Cannot delete the entity <entity_name> because it is used in a definition(s) or has an access role(s) associated w...
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  • To change a report

    Hi, I'm using ILM Data Archive. Can I change a query "behind" a report in 6.4.3 Version?...For example, after making a report, I want to change a where condition or a join condition that I made in the query used to cr...
    Pasqua Liana Spisto
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  • Data archiving historical healthcare information

    Is anyone using Informatica for data archiving of historical healthcare information?  If so, I would be interest in hearing how you are handling retirement of applications and presenting reports to the end users ...
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