• Does [Apache Log4J] any impact on my ILM systems?

    I'm using the Informatica ILM system. - ILM Engine 6.4.4 - ILM 6.4.4 Data Vault (File DB) - Oracle Apps Accelerators 6.4.3   I have checked the official document. https://knowledge.informatica.com/s/article/...
    JiMan Park
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  • Using AA_PARTITION_PKG.exchange_partition to delete from source

    Hi Team, Has anyone used the AA_PARTITION_PKG TO delete from an Oracle source successfully ? I have used the same package successfully with the drop/truncate_partition procedure. But the exchange partition procedure ...
    Rajasekar Thirugnanam
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  • Can 'Informatica Data Archive' store and retrieve unstructured content?

    Hello All,   I would like to clarify the below doubt related to unstructured contnet?   1. Can we store and retrieve unstructured content (pdf, word, jpeg, etc) in Informatica Data Archive?   &#...
    Araamuthan R
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  • Data Archive and Power exchange interoperability

    Hi there all,   Currently we are using Data Archive(ILM) version 6.4.4, Power exchange navigator version 10.2.0 Hotfix 1 and MS SQL server 2012 in Windows server 2012 R2 for Data Archive purpose.   Now we ...
    Arun Kumar Shankar
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  • Exception occured while fetching data. Check log for additinal information

    Exception occured while fetching data. Check log for additinal information
    Srinivas Baline
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  • Table type EDM

    Hi all, I've a doubt with EDM. i searched in all the data archive's guide for an explenation of the type of the table i'm going to archived or not. For instance what do these types mean? - Do not process - Transac...
    Gaetano Borda
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  • How to archive the data from Oracle database where datatype of the columns are varchar2(100 char), char(1 char)

    While archiving we may have error as "java.lang.Exception: Exception occurred while processing the table, Caused by java.lang.Exception: ERROR: Invalid Query" or if you analyze further and analyze the staging file you...
    Shyam Baggu
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  • Data Archive interactive validation of data

    Hi everybody,   Does the tool allow for interactive validation (user choice) of the data identified by the business rules before they are archived? Is it possible to choose the data to be archived (subset of wh...
    Gaetano Borda
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  • Jreport Dynamic Screen Modification

    Dear Friends,   I have built a search screen in Jreport and that works fine.   I have additional requirement to dynamically modify the screen based on user selection. For example, there are two radio butto...
    Sourya Prakash
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  • Not seeing esupport

    Hi Team,   I am not seeing esupport for case creation. I am having access to all role in the organization. Could you please help?   Thanks, Selvin
    Selvin Samuel
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  • Table or View Does Not Exist During Restore Archive Database

    Why would a log file tell you that "Table or view does not exist" but not tell you what tables or views.  How does one track down what tables or views do not exist?  I was performing a full restore of data a...
    Charlie Ukwu
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  • Not having access to eSupport.

    Not having access to eSupport.  [Project Number] 0295578 IBM SO - BANK OF IRELAND Country - Ireland   Can you help please
    Sureshbabu Mannan
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  • Not having access to eSupport.

    Not having access to eSupport.
    Samir Kokate
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  • Not having access to eSupport

    Hi,   I am supposed to have access to eSupport as per one of my project resources who manages Informatica however I dont see eSupport to open a case after I register. Please let me know the steps to follow to g...
    Sairam nandanavanam
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  • Does Informatica Data Archive need to be upgraded if going to database Oracle

    Do we need to upgrade from 6.4-HF2 data archive in the Oracle  Is there any part of the install that needs to be upgraded to work on the new oracle database platform?   
    Erica Buchanan
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  • Informatica ILM data archive

    I wanted to have some information related to ILM database archive. Let me know if anyone can be helpful.
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  • ILM data archive, to change the archive folder

    Hi, I'm using ILM Data Archive 6.4.3. After "migrating" some tables to an archive folder, can I change the Archive Folder of these tables without doing again the entire retirement process and without affecting the rep...
    Pasqua Liana Spisto
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  • ILM IDA Installation Guide

    Someone is aware How can I cen get Installation Guide for IDA 6.4-6.4.4 ?
    Konrad Mokrzanski
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  • Different of Interim Table and Staging Table

    Hi Everyone,   in ILM Data Archive, I want to ask about the difference between concept of Interim Table and Staging Table, both of which are about temporary tables? please provide a simple explanation about this...
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  • For Data Archive using ILM or EDM ?.

    Hi All,     i am new in Informatica, i wanna ask, for Data Archive it's using ILM or EDM ? or both ?.   Thanks
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