• Data Archive and Power exchange interoperability

    Hi there all,   Currently we are using Data Archive(ILM) version 6.4.4, Power exchange navigator version 10.2.0 Hotfix 1 and MS SQL server 2012 in Windows server 2012 R2 for Data Archive purpose.   Now we ...
    Arun Kumar Shankar
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  • Table or View Does Not Exist During Restore Archive Database

    Why would a log file tell you that "Table or view does not exist" but not tell you what tables or views.  How does one track down what tables or views do not exist?  I was performing a full restore of data a...
    Charlie Ukwu
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  • Not having access to eSupport.

    Not having access to eSupport.  [Project Number] 0295578 IBM SO - BANK OF IRELAND Country - Ireland   Can you help please
    Sureshbabu Mannan
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  • Does Informatica Data Archive need to be upgraded if going to database Oracle

    Do we need to upgrade from 6.4-HF2 data archive in the Oracle  Is there any part of the install that needs to be upgraded to work on the new oracle database platform?   
    Erica Buchanan
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  • Update ILM Staging table

    Hi ,   One of my PoC requirement is to update staging table. For that, can we write procedure in EDM and call the procedure when we execute the Archive job? How I will get Staging table name dynamically?   ...
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