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Data Archive 6.5 is generally available. The major enhancements in DA 6.5 are as follows:


Security Enhancements

  1. Secure Connection between Source and Data Archive
    1. Data Archive can now extract data from a Oracle or SQL Server Source through a TLS enabled connection. Data is transmitted through a Secure connection.
  2. Support for ASO Enabled Oracle database as source and repository
  3. Support for Always Encrypted SQL Server as source and repository


Storage Enhancements

  1. Data Archive can connect to Azure Blob storage for storing archived data.
  2. Data Archive Users can now connect to AWS S3 Storage through a keyless connection using S3 SDK.


PAM Updates

  1. Windows Server 2016
  2. Oracle 12cR2
  3. SQL Server 2017


Supportability Updates

  1. Azul JDK 1.8 bundled with Data Archive and installed along with the product.
  2. EDM.bat needs to be used for accessing EDM.


Release Notes:-


Release Guide:-


PAM for Informatica Data Archive 6.5