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Data Archive 6.4.4 is now Generally Available. The new features in this release are:



Customer Requested Enhancements


1. Integrated Validation for Live Archive


Oracle source customers can now use the Integrated Validation capability for Live Archive projects on an Oracle source. With this capability, customers can reduce the time to validate archived data to Data Vault by more than 50%, and achieve compliance to their internal auditing & regulatory requirements with Integrated Validation report results.


2. Encryption Enhancements


a. With Data Archive 6.4.4, customers can now encrypt data in Data Vault after retirement/archive of source applications.


i. Encryption can be run as a different job after the retirement/archive job, controlled by a new system defined role.

ii. Data not encrypted during earlier archival/retirement runs, using older versions of Data Archive, can now be encrypted.

iii. Reports show the encryption status of each Data Vault folder.


b. Encryption keys used for encrypting data in Data Vault can now be rotated to adhere to an organization’s internal IT/Security policies.


3. Enhanced Import Export Enhancements


a. With the new enhancements, customers now have granular control over import/export of metadata in Enterprise Data manager (EDM).

b. With a new system-defined role, customers can now control which users perform the import of metadata & the environments in which metadata import is allowed.


4. Password Policies in Informatica Data Vault


a. Security in Informatica Data Vault has been enhanced such that password policies can be configured & enforced on Data Vault users.

b. The various policies that are supported are:


i. Password complexity

ii. Password length

iii. Password duration

iv. Blacklisted passwords


Supportability Enhancements


1. Keyword search reindex enhancements:  Selective search reindex on a specific archive folder is now supported, so that customers can quickly drop & recreate search indexes only for the specific folder that needs an update.

2. A new File Archive Transaction Restore has been introduced to restore flat files from the Archive to the source system from an external application.

3. Informix Enhancements: Introduced delete commit intervals to support archive/ retirement of very large volumes of data.

4. Customers can now increase the number of legal holds per table up to 16384, from the default of 256 in previous versions.


PAM updates


1. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 support for the ILM repository

2. Microsoft Edge browser support


Informatica Data Archive 6.4.4 Release Notes


Informatica Data Archive 6.4.4 Release Guide


PAM for Informatica Data Archive 6.4.4

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