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New Capabilities in Data Archive 6.4.3 HotFix 1


Salesforce Archive

Salesforce charges Customers by the amount of data stored in Salesforce. The amount of historical data stored within Salesforce increases year over year thereby increasing the cost of Salesforce subscription.

With Data Archive 6.4.3 HF1, historical data in Salesforce can be archived to Data archive. Users will still have access to the archived data in multiple ways:

    • Browse data option in Data Archive
    • Data Visualization within Data Archive
    • Google-like keyword search within Data Archive
    • Use any reporting tool of choice by connecting to archived data using ODBC/JDBC Connection
  • Business users can access archived data within Salesforce UI by enabling seamless access through Informatica Cloud Real Time
  • Apply retention policies & legal hold on Salesforce data archived to Data Archive
  • Encrypt Salesforce data stored in Data Archive


Reduces Salesforce subscription cost.

Data stored in Data archive is secure, compressed & legally compliant


Bulk Data loader

Some Customers have a need to migrate large volumes of data from their Source systems to Data Archive. The Bulk data loader provides a mechanism for moving large amounts of data from flat files to Data vault with high throughput. With this feature, about 160GB of data can be archived in one hour.


Customer Requested Enhancements

Saved Criteria:

While browsing for archived/retired data, Data Archive provides a capability wherein users can create a complex Query by selecting different criteria from the UI. These criteria must be created whenever a user wants to browse data and this is time consuming. With DA 643 HF1, user can save their criteria and run them later. They can also share the criteria with other users so that they do not have to recreate the same criteria again.


Pre-Production to Production Migration:

Customers do the actual retirement of data in a pre-production environment, do the verification of data and the move the same to their production environment. The movement of metadata & the retired from one environment to another is manual, cumbersome and error prone. DA 643 HF1 provides an automated process for doing this activity saving a lot of time & effort thereby reducing the Go Live time.



Support for 1 way SSL authentication in Data Vault

Added support for TLS 1.2



70% of issues reported by Customers in 2017 have been fixed in the release. Some of the key ones are:

  1. Ability to provide a sort order as part of the search criteria so that search results in Search within entity are fetched in the specific defined sort order.
  2. Support for displaying data which is stored in Extended ASCII format from ODBC/JDBC driver (eg. Korean language)
  3. Ability to export CLOB data in pdf format in Healthcare portal
  4. Support for downloading external attachments from a remote machine that is accessible from the Server only
  5. Dynamic host/port support for downloading attachments when the attachment server is hosted in a Proxy Environment


PAM updates

Support for Windows 10 client


Healthcare Metadata Viewer

New Graphical Interface for viewing reports & their dependent views of healthcare portal

Ability to create & modify views from this new GUI


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