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This release contains new capabilities, enhancements and bug fixes. Following are the highlights of the release:


Customer requested  Enhancements

  • Single Sign On using SAML 2.0

Data Archive can now integrate with any SAML 2.0 compliant Identity providers like OKTA to provide single sign on within our Customers Intranet. Customers can now be compliant with their IT Policies and also provide easy access to Data Archive.

  • Keyword Search for unstructured data

Business users can now do a google like search for keywords within unstructured data i.e. unstructured data associated with structured data in the form of attachments, Blobs, Clobs, XML etc. Access to retired data is now seamless and easy to access.


Customer Feedback and Usability

  • Added a new validation row count report in loader job
  • Fixed Integration validation related issues
  • Ssadbcopy fixes
  • Fixed EDM as well Jinfonet where the database name started with a number
  • Additional check for 4093 columns
  • Compress segment job fixes for smart partitioning
  • Improved error handling in different IDV layers (query processing and data load)
  • Fixed customer reported problems in  query optimization
  • Fixed sort issue for Date fields in Search Results page


Secure Archive

  • Encryption enhancements

Crypto keys can now be assigned for a specific project or Application. This provides flexibility to our Customers to enable encryption for a specific application and also provide different keys for different application data. Data Archive can also consume crypto keys from external key generation software’s/hardware’s

  • Changed IDV communication layer, related to SSL socket.
  • Fixed many vulnerabilities related issues found internally as well reported by customers


Data Vault

  • Migration utility

The new migration utility provides the ability to move data from one external storage to other. Customers have a need to move data from one store to another store e.g., NFS to EMC Elastic Cloud or Amazon S3.

  • Added Support for new AWS S4 protocol
  • Metadata engine Firebird is updated to new version which helps overall IDV stability by using independent database process per connection.

It resolved issues with TCP/IP connections on big endian platforms. It also fixed issues related to story metadata database on NFS storages, on big endian platforms.

  • Support of new data encryption mechanism in all IDV layers as well as added encryption support for IDV audit files


Performance Improvements

  • Significant performance (>50%) improvement with less memory consumption has been made in export to csv process from browse data.
  • Improved the performance issue for loading of entities on Manage retention page
  • Loader performance is improved for larger input file size.
  • Removed Menu Icon table to improve the performance of health care.


Engineering Initiatives

  • Data Archive Profiling  tool

Previously called as “MIS Installer” this utility is  used to profile data in Customers Source application using  PowerCenter. With DA 6.4.3, “MIS installer” has been decoupled from the Data Archive installer and is provided as a separate install. With this change, Customer get the advantage of using any of the supported versions of PowerCenter that they are using within their environment.

  • To help field on healthcare implementation, sample reports/instructions are added in optional folder.
    1. To demonstrate XML transformation using XSLT
    2. To demonstrate how to download BLOB data from report using AM_ATTACHEMENTS table


Supportability Enhancements

  • Teradata Updates

Data Archive expands support for newer versions of Teradata – 14.x & 15.x. Teradata support has now been enhanced to provide support for various data types including JSON,XML & TPT for Archive and retirement use cases.


  • PAM updates

OS Updates

  • SUSE Linux 12
  • AIX 6.1 TL8
  • Red Hat RHEL 7.x Support

Database Updates

  • DB2 10.5 support
  • Teradata 14 & 15

Cloud Deployments

  • Azure certification

Java Update

  • Java 1.8

Tomcat Update

  • 7.0.70


Healthcare Accelerators:

Based on the feedback coming from field for Healthcare accelerator at various customers, a new version of healthcare accelerator is being released with the following  enhancements

  • Scrollbar support for large data
  • All the linked reports are opening up within the dialog instead of opening up in new browser window every time
  • Removed table dependency for showing VITAL graph in a report
  • Alignment, Leading and trailing spaces trimming in All reports
  • Patient Name is a text field now in Print Claims page
  • Removed Menu Icon Table dependency



Informatica Data Archive 6.4.3 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Data Archive 6.4.3

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