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This release has hundreds of  fixes that improve the overall quality of Data Archive, as well as several important Enhancements including:

  • SQL Server multi-schema support
  • Enhanced User Experience for Searching IDV
  • Optimization on indexes and join processes in IDV
  • Generation of an audit log based on result set of query
  • Extension of SQL commands: Data Vault administration and support to DROP and TRUNCATE
  • Extension of SQL commands: Using parameters in LIKE constrain
  • Parameter based UTF-8 enforcement for data stored in data vault; Extended ASCII support
  • Enhanced SSL security with upgrade to 1.0.1h


Informatica Data Archive 6.2 HotFix 2 Release Notes

PAM for ILM Data Archive 6.2 HotFix 2

You  can download the Hotfix from here.

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