• Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog is Now Available

    Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog has been released to shipping and is available immediately. What are we announcing? Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog Who would benefit from this release?...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Informatica EDC supports what type of Delimiters?(Example : ,\t,$,;,:,§ and what else)

    Hello Team,   Please do the needfull i am scanning the file in EDC with File System.   In EDC ldm admin the file is scanning properly but i cant see the file in Catalog after successful scanning. I am usi...
    Muttepawar Ganesh
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  • Identify followers in EDC using Rest API

    Hi All,   I am looking to get list of all assets being followed in EDC  with the following outputs:   Asset/Resource Name (fully qualified path) Follower Name (User) Type of Follow - All Type of Fol...
    Amit Bhartiya
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  • Best Practices for Linux Server Maintenance?

    We are running Enterprise Data Catalog and Axon Data Governance in a Medium configuration consisting of six Linux servers (RHEL 7.x) for the platform services and one Windows box (Server 2016) running SQL Server for t...
    Michael Bernier
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  • EDC Business Description formatting not retained after import

    When importing Business Descriptions into EDC using a CSV file, sentence and paragraph formatting (carriage returns/line feeds) are not retained.   Example: the CSV file contains the following formatted lines f...
    Michael Bernier
    created by Michael Bernier
  • Snowflake Connected Resource in EDC does not show up in Axon

    We are connecting resources scanned in the Enterprise Data Catalog into Axon.   We have a snowflake resource that has been scanned by EDC and is showing up correctly in the EDU Gui.   However, it does not ...
    Julie Heckman
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  • IDQ scanner in EDC for Lineage

    Team, I have the following installs in place today,   IDQ: v10.4.0 Build 336 Axon: v6.3 EDC: v10.4.0   I am having the most difficult time finding information on how to configure and EDC scanner to read...
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  • Profiling Fails after EDC Upgrade from 10.2.2 to 10.4.1

    Hi,   Profile Run job fails after upgrading from 10.2.2 to 10.4.1.   In the upgrade document, we are supposed to copy and replace the odbc.ini file from the old location to the new.  But the new ODBC....
    Amarendra Reddy
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  • Query All Questions/Comments in the catalog via the Rest API

    I am trying to quantify and track all the questions/comments in the EDC catalog through the Rest API.  We are trying to track usage/participation in the catalog and report that information to the executives. ...
    Steven Lane
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  • EDC & GIS

    Does anyone have any experience with documenting GIS databases within EDC?
    Ashley DCruz
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  • Upgrading Postgres while Upgrading EDC from 10.2.2 to 10.4.1

    We currently have EDC 10.2.2. and are now upgrading to 10.4.1.   In the EDC Upgrade guide for 10.4.1, one of the steps is: Make sure that you install PostgreSQL versions 9.6, 10.2, or 10.5 on all the cluster no...
    Amarendra Reddy
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  • Introduction to Business Term Association in EDC

    Open video

    Arun Som
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  • How to Configure Data Discovery in EDC

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    Arun Som
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  • Introduction to Asset Summary View and Export in EDC

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • EDC Buffer overflow error

    Data lineage is not showing up in EDC due to buffer over flow error.We are getting the error like below.   Unexpected SSL wrap result status: BUFFER_OVERFLOWjava.io.IOException   Can any one provide soluti...
    Meher Kulkarni
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  • Enterprise Data Catalog: Architecture

    This document describes the overall architecture of the Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog and details the different component the architecture relies on.   Service oriented architecture EDC follows the service ...
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  • Can I customize an asset overview or fields tab and add

    In EDC, is there any customization of those fields that are displayed in the Sample Columns section in an asset's Overview tab?  Can I add other descriptors (or fields) such as System Attributes, e.g. Description...
    John Quillinan
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  • Profiled Schema Connections

    I have profiled several Physical Data Objects (one Oracle table and 7 files) in IDQ. I am creating a IDQ Resource, and connecting to the DQ Model Repository.  When I go to the Metadata Load Setting to select a...
    John Quillinan
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  • Tableau Worksheet does not Show Lineage

    Hi,   We have a table in a Azure SQL DW schema that is used in a Tableau report.  We scanned both the Azure DW Schema and the Tableau site resources.  We enabled Auto Assign connections when creating t...
    Amarendra Reddy
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  • EDC & Data Domain

    Hi,   We are setting up a data lake and inventorizing its tables & columns in EDC. EDC is tagging Data Domains to all of the columns and most of them are not correct. Reviewing each column's data/profile and...
    Ali Abbas
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