• Is Oracle Cloud supported?

    Are there native EDC connectors for these components of Oracle Cloud?  
    John Quillinan
    created by John Quillinan
  • Domain discovery

    What are all the Smart Domains in EDC?. Is there a list?
    muralidharan govindarajan
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  • EDC: How to ingest and document API requests/responses

    We intend for EDC to serve as the "source of truth" documentation for all of our many, many data sources. One of the most crucial types of data we are trying to catalog are API requests and responses.   If I hav...
    Thomas Ferguson
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  • Lineage via DB Link for Oracle Databases

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to see if this is possible. I have 2 Oracle databases. In one, I have Views and the underlying queries are pulling from another Oracle database via DB Link.   If I scan both will...
    Brian T Vance
    created by Brian T Vance
  • Scan job takes long time to start

    Hi all,   Just wondering if anyone else has run into this. When manually starting a scan job in EDC I am noticing that it takes a long to start running. From clicking on the "Run" button to actually see it run i...
    Brian T Vance
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  • AWS Glue Scanner

    Hi Gurus,   We are doing feasibility study for EDC Glue scanner .Is there any limitation with respect to AWS Glue scanner for EDC . Is the Glue Scanner able to capture the transformation details & lineage in...
    Akki S
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  • Salesforce scanner alternative

    Can Salesforce metadata be scanned by an API instead of using the Salesforce resource type?
    TS EDC Support Team
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  • Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog is Now Available

    Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog has been released to shipping and is available immediately.   What are we announcing? Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog   Who would ...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Is there a way to get legacy issue number list from new support potal?

    We have around 200 cases that have new issue numbers in the new support portal. Looks like new support portal has give a new number of all the old issues.  They have put old number under legacy number. We are ...
    Vinita Bhatia
    created by Vinita Bhatia
  • Unable to load a column

    Hi,   We scanned metadata from MS SQL data source into EDC. After scanning, tables and columns are created. I navigate to the created tables. When I try to click on Columns, I am getting the attached error. Al...
    Khushboo Mehta
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  • Informatica enterprise Data catalog Databases are in pending recovery state

    We have deployed EDC 10.4.0 template on Microsoft Azure. The domain database and other databases analyst, model repository etc are in pending recover state. DBA are not able to restore the databases. They are not able...
    Meher Kulkarni
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  • How to Assign Privileges and Permission in LDM

    Open video

    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • 400 Bad Request: 3007 Duplicated Component Instance name: Party

    I don't see where the issue in Provisioning SIP-MV-13012 Name attribute [Party.partyType] does not have a unique value.   I tried seeing c_repos_co_cs_config & C_REPOS_COMPONENT_INSTANCE, No duplicates. Th...
    Chandra Nalluri
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  • EDC Import to Remove Incorrect Information (making it blank / null)

    Use Case:  Business Term Association has tied column "Debit" to "Date of Birth" Axon Glossary.  I want to remove all association to Date of Birth on those "Debit" Columns.   I tried exporting the reso...
    Kimberly Farmer
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  • Deleting Glossaries association in EDC

    Other than manually going to each EDC field and deleting glossary association, is there any automated way? I want to remove Glossaries for some EDC fields .
    Ramadevi Bapatla
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  • Teradata Resource Metadata Scan Fails : EDC

    Hi Folks :   We are trying to test a Teradata resource in our newly upgraded EDC environment , running on a 3 node cluster. The teradata resource is fairly large so we have set a filter to scan just ...
    Anish Gupte
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  • Snowflake Data Profiling & EDC

    Hi everyone, a business user of mine explained that his Snowflake data sources have built-in profiling done to them.  He asked if EDC pulls in this information in any way.   Can anyone that has done a Snowf...
    Anthony Scardigno
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  • linking informatica platform with axon

    after we scan a informatica platform, why we cant linking with business metadata (axon glossary)?   thanks
    Niaga Prima
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  • SSL Custom Certs in EDC - Running Instance

    Is there a way to implement custom SSL certificates on a running EDC instance, so that the webpage doesn't display the "certificate invalid" when users login? Upgrade was recent, so no planned upgrade for the...
    Fatimah Elabdallah
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  • File System Resource

    Hi all,   we have created a File System Resource in LDM Admin and we would like to display in LDM Catalog the column written in the file .TXT that we have uploaded to a specified directory.   We run the re...
    Valeria Dima
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