• Lineage and DIH:  What else should I be configuring beside the DIH, source and target resources?

    I am scoping an EDC implementation. As part of that scoping, I want to know what technologies are used for data stores and integration. Today, I was told put down "Data Integration Hub" for everything. I searched Info...
    John Quillinan
    created by John Quillinan
  • Enterprise Data Catalog Agent

    What is the purpose of the Enterprise Data Catalog Agent for Windows?  We are working on upgrading from to and trying to determine if we need this or not.  We are primarily a SQL Server...
    Kenneth Guyette
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  • EDC-seeing SQL error (Invalid column name 'containment'.) after upgrading to 10.5

    We have a few sql server resources that scanned successfully prior to upgrade to 10.5.  However we are seeing the following error now.  How do we fix this?  Thanks for helping.   Test Connection f...
    Vinita Bhatia
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  • EDC Assets:  Missing Relationships?

    All,   I updated the setting and added the hyphen for Salesforce resource.  The scan ran successfully but no relationships displayed on the relationship tab for an asset in the Salesforce resource.   ...
    Sean Kelly
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  • ERROR: DAA cannot be displayed

    Hello Everyone,   We are tring to set up Enterprise Data Catalog v10.5.1.1, and the Data Asset Analytics(DAA) is failing with the below error in the daa.log. Some parts of DAA such as "Top Assets Viewed" cannot...
    Yuka Oshige
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  • Sample Option -- Profiling

    Hello Team   Working on an implementation and we have the query about the sample size to be selected for profiling a source in both IDQ and EDC. They wanted to understand when to sample All rows vs First N vs...
    Srini Pai
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  • EDC Lineage:  Salesforce Assets

    All,   In our current implementation of EDC (Version 10.5.1 Build 33 - Apr 25, 2019), there is no lineage returned for assets within a Salesforce resource after scan job completes successfully.  Without the ...
    Sean Kelly
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  • Data Lineage at Column level in Excel format

    Hello Everyone ! I am working on EDC 10.5. Asset Discovery. On the Tab Origin and Impact I can see a Lineage at column level, which I would like to export in to a file in Excel format. On the Table view I can see the ...
  • Is Apache Ambari needed for Informatica Cluster configuration?

    Hello all,   I was working on setting up an Informatica Cluster service and I was wondering if we need Apache Ambari in order to do that? For this project I'm using Nomad Hashicorp as the cluster server, since...
    Vehbi Restelica
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  • EDC Resource Scheduler Not Running

    Hi,   We have set an EDC Scheduler to run at a specified time to scan MSSQL Server metadata. But it doesn't run as we expected. If we run it manually, it's running well.   What should we check at the firs...
    Niaga Prima
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  • EDC migaration from Azure to onpremises

    Hi we have deployed EDC template 10.4.0 on Microsoft Azure. We want to migrate the EDC from Azure to on Premises. Admin team will clone all the vms(Infomatica server, 3 Hadoop servers and database server) from Azure. ...
    Meher Kulkarni
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  • Get Table metadata in one api call from Edc

    Hi We want to show an object metadata on UI to users, for this we are executing Edc api's to get data If user want to see an Object metadata let’s say a Table we have to make multiple calls to api   First...
    Bhupendra Baraiya
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  • Why my datadomainpropagation job always failed?

    Hi,   I have run DataDomainPropagation resource manually and by scheduler also, but got FAILED after it's run for 18 second.   If I purge the resource and run it again the job is running well and completed...
    Niaga Prima
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  • Permission Denied Error While Enabling Informatica Cluster Service

    Hey Folks,   I have created Informatica Cluster Service service created in disabled mode but when I enable service facing Permission Denied issue. Passwordless SSH enabled between nodes when I checked from comma...
    asim khalil
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  • Claire recommendations in EDC

    Hello, Can someone help me with what all Claire can recommend in Enterprise Data Catalog.   Thanks Pramod
    Pramod kumar pasponuri
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  • Informatica EDC with minIO storage object

    Hey Folks,   I have a business requirement to setup informatica EDC. I have checked the EDC documentation it says there are two options to start EDC either with External Cluster or Embedded Cluster. Becuase I'm ...
    asim khalil
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  • No response from Change Summary API endpoint

    We're currently on EDC v10.5.1 and I am unable to get any response from the change summary API endpoint (access/2/catalog/data/app_events). If I select the simple or detailed view I get the below response and if I sel...
    Gabriel Wallace
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  • EDC Logs and Alerts in Splunk

    We are looking at the possibility of using Splunk for our Informatica logs (EDC, EDC Advanced Scanners, Axon) and alerting.  I am curious if anyone has done this and would be willing to share their experience (pr...
    Kenneth Guyette
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  • EDC 10.5.1 Cluster services (nomad, mong..) unavailable

    Hello All,   I recently installed EDC as per the reference architecture suggested by informatica. The Informatica Cluster Service installs and starts correctly, but the corresponding cluster services are not sta...
    Jagi Natarajan
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  • Log4J remediation for Enterprise Data Catalog v 10.4.2

    Hello,   Is this log4j threat affecting v10.4.2 of EDC? If yes could you please share the documentation for applying the fix?  Also please share the various other versions of EDC that has been impacted by t...
    Dorothy Xavier
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