• Understanding Difference between Reference resource/asset and unassigned connection

    We are trying to understand the difference between a Reference resource/asset and a Unassigned connection.  What is the difference between the two?  What is the logic that is used to Identify a Reference Res...
    Vinita Bhatia
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  • define object UID from edc resource

    hi, i have a edc resource and want to linking that resource into anothe resource   how we define object UID from this url http://informdataeng:9085/ldmcatalog/main/ldmObjectView/('$obj':'Infiormatica_dei$$BDMS...
    Niaga Prima
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  • Profiling Vertica with the first N rows not working

    Hello,   I am using Informatica EDC V10.4.1.2 and when I try to profile (big) tables in Vertica, the profiler crashes. Regardless of what is says in the docs (link attached), when I try to profile Vertica table...
    Bar Albo
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  • File System Resource

    Hi all,   we have created a File System Resource in LDM Admin and we would like to display in LDM Catalog the column written in the file .TXT that we have uploaded to a specified directory.   We run the re...
    Valeria Dima
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  • dr_who yarn applications

    In Resource Manager for EDC we see the following yarn jobs failed over the past couple of weeks that are executed by user “dr.who” under the name “qualys”.  not aware of anything in our ca...
    prasad battala
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  • SSL Custom Certs in EDC - Running Instance

    Is there a way to implement custom SSL certificates on a running EDC instance, so that the webpage doesn't display the "certificate invalid" when users login? Upgrade was recent, so no planned upgrade for the...
    Fatimah Elabdallah
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  • 10.5x Backup EDC & Restore between environments (PROD/DEV)

    Is there a proven methodology to backup LDM catalog and MRS (all data/metadata), then restore to a lower or higher environment to keep the development and production environments in sync over the course of time?  ...
    Fatimah Elabdallah
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  • Error During Installation of EDC 10.5 -  libidn.so.11: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

    I am getting following error during installation of EDC 10.5 (Domain Installation) on RHEL 8.4   [ICMD_10033] Command [defineDomain] failed with error [[INFASETUP_10002] Cannot create the domain because of the f...
    Ashutosh Jumde
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  • REST API for Data Domain Curation

    Is it possible to pull detailed information on data domain curation events using an API? What we would want to know is when the curation took place, the exact method of curation (manual addition by user, rejected infe...
    Anita Fike
    created by Anita Fike
  • Spark code scanner in EDC 10.5

    Hi Team,   We are using Spark for ETL processing between the data sources. We would like to extract the lineage from Spark and capture in EDC. Does EDC 10.5 support extracting the lineage information from Spar...
    Sridhar Raju
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  • EDC catalogMonitor and Monitor API methods usage

    Hello all,   I'm trying to use API methods to identify the catalog status using the monitoring-controller-v-1  There are 2 methods exposed in this   /1/catalog/catalogMonitor Get External Monitoring...
    Augustine Ken
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  • Clone a Resource

    Hi, Is it possible to clone a resource in EDC
    Tamir Basin
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  • API Write Permission Issue.

    Hello all,   Here is my Usecase.   The Data Catalog resource access should be Read only for a particular user group. In the EDC UI, the operation allowed is only READ.   But the same user group shoul...
    Augustine Ken
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  • EDC - embedding a hyperlink within a Custom Attribute

    Has anyone been successful adding a hyperlink in a custom attribute?  If so can you share details of how you accomplished that?  Thanks!
    Randy Dicello
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  • How do I access pre-defined Custom Attributes such as Business Description when I have associated a business term with a data asset in EDC?

    Display Name and Business Description are pre-defined Custom Attributes, which are not configurable in Catalog Application Configuration. When I associated a term from a glossary resource with a data asset, the dis...
    John Quillinan
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  • Calling value of a characteristic in the validation expression.

    We have a logic that we need to implement "Min.Rem.Shelf life(day)/Total shelf life (Day).   Min shelf life should not be greater than total shelf life " we used these script to validate: var minShelf = recor...
    Ilkhomjon Khudoyberdiev
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  • What is an unassigned connection in EDC?

    We have a large count in un-assigned connections in catalog admin overview section.  We are trying to understand where this number is coming from?(Please see attached).   Does this include every resourc...
    Vinita Bhatia
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  • EDC - Export data type of columns via GUI

    Hi all,   I am currently trying to export the column field data for specific tables via the Asset overview tab in EDC. When I open the export dialog box for a single table I select the "Include Children" checkbo...
    Vincent Kellner
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  • JDBC row limit issue

    Hi everyone,   There seems to be a known limitation where you cannot specific a data profiling row limit when using a JDBC connection. EDC just ignores it. We have run into this when trying to scan a DataBricks ...
    Brian T Vance
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  • Accepting or Rejecting Assets for Data Domains through Export and Import

    I am looking to accept or reject data domains through the export and import.  In looking at the documentation (EDC 10.5 user guide page 74) I find this section a little confusing.  It indicates that we can a...
    Kenneth Guyette
    created by Kenneth Guyette