• EDC Hive Resource getting failed

    Hi Team,   I am trying to pull metadata from Hive resource and getting below error for few schema:     It is not failing for all schema but getting failed for particular schemas.   Does anyone...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • error [The following prevalidations on <hostname> have failed : ERROR :ntp is not synchronized [FAILED]  [Output:unsynchronised   polling server every 8 s]]

    While trying to run Informatica Cluster service, the prevalidation failed with error: ntp is not synchronized.   ERROR com.infa.products.ihs.beans.application.InfaHadoopApplication- ****** Prevalidations for [CL...
    Leonard Tong
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  • Testing/Quality assurance of EDC Lineage(Auto & Custom) and Metadata

    Hello Team,   As a part of validation or testing is there any way we can test whether all the metadata and Lineage is correct or not.   Metadata: I want to do quality assurance of Metadata captured by su...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • EDC -Custom role similar to Native Administrator

    Hi Team,   Is there any way we  can directly create another role having similar/All permissions related to Administrator.   Or we need to give the access to each and every services manually?   O...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • EDC 10.4.0 CSV files metadata with timestamp

    Hi Team,   We need to upload the CSV/Manual upload files with timestamp regularly in EDC. while uploading the file for the first time in EDC we have added the business term and description for assets manually. &...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • Resources for EDC AWS Marketplace deployment

    Resources :   AWS Marketplace: Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog https://infa-aws-resources.s3.amazonaws.com/1040/Documents/1393_Deploying_EDC_10.4.0_on_AWS_Marketplace_en_H2L.pdf
    Jayarama Kapil
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  • Bringing custom metadata into EDC using Custom Lineage CSV file

    https://network.informatica.com/docs/DOC-18212 has an example of how to bring in custom metadata into EDC.   The steps include: Create a custom model, ProLogic, using Custom-Scanners/proglogic_indent.xml at ...
    John Quillinan
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  • CSV files not getting scanned in EDC

    Hi , I am scanning some file's into EDC from a folder into a resource .The resource type is "File System" . Some file's are xml and some are csv files.The xml & csv file's have the same names with the difference ...
    Akki S
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  • Deployment or Migration best Practices in EDC & Axon

    Hello All,   I have few queries related to EDC and Axon Migration or deployment in different environments.   As per my understanding for tools like Axon & EDC we do directly development in PROD environ...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • EIC parsing - stored procedure

    Can EIC parse Stored procedures and derive dependencies and store in a manner those can be searched from catalog and lineage can be tracked..
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  • Options for sources or resources does not have inbuilt scanner available in informatica Informatica EDC 10.4.0

    Hi Team,   I am looking for options How to fetch metadata and create manual column level lineage for sources which are not supported by Informatica edc inbuilt scanner. Here are few sources from which we need t...
    Mayank Raoka
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  • EDC Deployment to Other Environment

    Hello Team,   Please let me know how to deploy the scanned Resource from One Environment(UAT) to Other Environment (Prod).   Is it possible then how to proceed?. EDC Version : 10.4.0   Kindly do the...
    Muttepawar Ganesh
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  • Informatica EDC 10.2

    How to deploy the Informatica EDC development server code (Resource ,scanner)  to higher enviroment
    Kapil Lalwani
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  • Informatica EDC supports what type of Delimiters?(Example : ,\t,$,;,:,§ and what else)

    Hello Team,   Please do the needfull i am scanning the file in EDC with File System.   In EDC ldm admin the file is scanning properly but i cant see the file in Catalog after successful scanning. I am usi...
    Muttepawar Ganesh
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  • Error execute internal EDC job - DataDomainPropagation

    Hi Folks,   I'm trying to execute an internal job of EDC, but, the attached message appears to me.   The unique path that I can imagine is sought by the error message "Function undefined. functionName= [CO...
    Felipe Cabral
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  • EDC & GIS

    Does anyone have any experience with documenting GIS databases within EDC?
    Ashley DCruz
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  • In EDC, while uploading Custom lineage can I mention the transformation as well?

    Hi,   In EDC, when I scan the Informatica platform scanner to get the lineage information of a BDM mapping, I am able to see the transformations being used like Aggregator, expression, joiner etc.   I have...
  • Upgrading Postgres while Upgrading EDC from 10.2.2 to 10.4.1

    We currently have EDC 10.2.2. and are now upgrading to 10.4.1.   In the EDC Upgrade guide for 10.4.1, one of the steps is: Make sure that you install PostgreSQL versions 9.6, 10.2, or 10.5 on all the cluster no...
    Amarendra Reddy Sagila
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  • Creating Reg Ex Based Data Domains inside EDC

    I want to create a Composite Data Domain for all types of ID for example User_ID , Customer_ID etc. using regular expression approach. This User_ID or any column having substring ID should be assigned with Data Domain...
    Deepika Bhatia
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  • Catalog UI Performance Improvement and issues in getting export

    Hi All,   I am facing some challenges in dealing with highly complex lineage view in EDC as below. Any suggestions are highly appreciated!   1. The catalog UI takes longer to display complex lineage and so...
    Resmi Rajendra
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