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Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.1 Update 1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.

“Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.1 Update 1” addresses several limitations and issues to improve usability and stability of the product.



  • Cloudera CSD Integration for HTTP Keytab management: Secure EDC deployment with creation of an Informatica EDC specific Cloudera Service Descriptor(CSD), that removes the requirement of provisioning http keytabs on Informatica Edge nodes. Starting 10.2.1 Update 1, Informatica CSD, when enabled from Cloudera Manager UI, will automatically copy the http keytab to the ramdisk specified on the node while creating the service.
  • WANdisco Support: WANDisco Fusion allows continuous availability of data with guaranteed consistency across clusters spanning Dev/Test, Production and Disaster Recovery environments. Starting 10.2.1 Update 1 EDC can be deployed on a WANDisco enabled Cloudera or Hortonworks cluster, enabling users getting all the benefits of WANDisco Fusion like data replication on an EDC cluster.
  • sudo-less Embedded Cluster Deployment: Catalog Administrators can now turn off sudo access on embedded EDC cluster post deployment. Requires Ambari-server and agent to be up before bringing up the catalog service.
  • Ambari User Customization for Embedded Cluster Deployment: Embedded Cluster Deployment now includes options to customize users for Ambari instead of using default users created by the service. This will allow administrators to configure local/AD users as Ambari service users.


  • Scanner Upgrades: Large number of scanner fixes that include an updated MITI distribution(v10) for reliable and high-performance metadata scans for databases, ETL and business intelligence tools.
  • Scanner log aggregation: Enhanced scanner error diagnosis with REST API that aggregates the scanner log, resource configuration and catalog service details.
  • Performance Improvements: Major improvements in performance for Informatica PowerCenter(2X) and SAP Business Objects(10X) scanners.


  • Performance Improvements: Major improvements in data profiling performance for high volume scans(>10k tables or files) across sources: relational databases(1.5x) to flat files(2.5X) with a 25X-100X reduction in Profiling Warehouse space required. ~4X Performance improvements in Similarity Profiling.
  • Unstructured Discovery Performance: Improved domain discovery performance in unstructured files with a scan throughput of 2.75 GB/Hour/20 data domains.




Deployment Support

  • Cloudera 5.15

Source Support:

  • Hive/MapRFS on MapR 6.0.1 MEP 5.0
  • Hive/HDFS/Cloudera Navigator on Cloudera 5.15
  • Cloudera Navigator 5.14


PAM for Informatica 10.2.1


Release Documentation