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Informatica EIC 10.2.0 Update 1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


  • Enhanced Tableau Integration


    • Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog (EIC) Discover Plugin for Tableau: EIC Discover for Tableau is a Chrome browser plugin that automatically detects the active Tableau report or dashboard and provides rich contextual information catalogued in EIC. This brings all governance context, business classifications, data sources and other important metadata to self-service BI users within the context of the Tableau app. EIC Discover Chrome plugin needs an existing EIC deployment to function.
    • Tableau Data Extract (TDE) Export: This capability is for data analysts, data scientists and business users who want to access data in Tableau for adhoc analysis after they find the right data asset in EIC. EIC allows users to securely and quickly get access to data in TDE format, which they can visualize and analyze in Tableau.


  • Ease of Deployment and getting started


    • Prereq utility for embedded cluster validation: To help run prerequisite checks on the Informatica server and intended cluster nodes to ensure they meet the requirements for EIC install.
    • Utility to generate merged key tabs: This utility is for creating, validating and merging key tabs required for EIC installations on Kerberos enabled clusters.
    • Import Metadata Manager Resources into EIC: Import existing connections from Metadata Manager to EIC, to help customers to quickly kickstart their EIC deployments.


  • Improved Operations and Administration:


    • Catalog Service HA Support: Catalog Service can now be configured in the Active-Passive HA mode.
    • Improved Catalog Service Startup Catalog service startup performance has been improved by performing on-demand deployment of scanner binaries to the cluster.
    • Phone Home Support: Built-in capabilities to anonymously provide configuration and usage statistics back to Informatica.


  • PAM


    • OS
      • Redhat Linux 7.3


Enterprise Information Catalog 10.2 Update 1 Release Notes


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