• Data Processor Transformation with Serializer Script

    Hi, I need some help in the approach that i should be taking to resolve the issue.   We are to build some mappings on informatica developer that would source data from xml files and write to hadoop environment...
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  • remove enter from flat file

    hi, we facing a issue when move data from flat file to table which is that file contain many enter delimiter inside.many row is not move into that table. can we remove a enter delimiter from that flat file before in...
    Niaga Prima
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  • How can I get the Log-in audit logs of Big Data Developer?

    Hi, ppl.   We use Informatica DEI, EDP ,EDC services 10.2.2 Hotfix 2.   For our enterprise security compliance, we need to get each audit logs including log-in action.   I have no idea where the logi...
    Itsuki Inoue
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  • Create notification for mass ingestion

    hi,there is posibble to make failure notificatio from mass ingestion job?   thanks
    Niaga Prima
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  • increase throughput avg row/sec

    hi, we want move data from flatfile to sql server table, but facing a slow throughput avg row/sec...it is possible to increase avg row/sec throughput?   thanks
    Niaga Prima
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  • How to reset In-out parameters in all mappings?

    Hi,    We have used In-out parameter as part of CDC logic to capture the delta from source. When we migrate these mappings from Dev to Stage or Stage to Production in-out parameters are not being reset, we ...
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  • 【Informatica\10.2.0】Can not new a [PowerCenter Repository Service]

    Hello, I'm not sure if it's OK to ask this question here, Please let me know if I should go to somewhere else. After I clicked  [PowerCenter Repository Service]  as you can see in the screen shot as follow...
    peng wang
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  • Is SVN 4.2.6 supported by Informatica

    Hello all,   Is SVN 4.2.6 supported by Informatica   I  have read that SVN 4.2.2 is Supported (min)   Thanks
    Andres González Rubio
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  • issue while running an application after deploying

    hello, I am facing an issue as follows .Any leads . I have a mapping two sources, one joiner, exp and hive table target. I have added a column in hive table. once done i am experiencing below issue.  
    Anjali G
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  • Developer Mapping Invalid Object

    Hi ,   I have one of Developer Mapping in which one of Target Columns were deleted by mistake in DB. But when I run my developer mapping (BDM) - it does not fail - May I know the reason why it does not faik. ...
    Jagadish Mohan Gaglani
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  • MSCK REPAIR TABLE taking more time

    Hi All,   We are running BDM/DEI mapping in blaze engine (10.4.1 version). All processing and loading is taking less time around (10mins). But MSCK REPAIR TABLE command in the end is taking almost 40 minutes. Is...
    asif ali hirekumbi
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  • PowerCenter vs DEI

    Hi, In terms of basic integration requirement (to functioned as ETL tools only). What is the difference between those two? Can DEI installed in non Hadoop environment? I believe DEI can run mapping on Native &...
    danny tanoto
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  • BDM env variables

    Hello , In informatica powercenter we have $PM variables to get the basic folders. do we have any such variables in informatica BDM ?
    Anjali G
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  • how to dynamically extract the env name in BDM

    Hi , How can i dynamically get the env name (dev,qa,prod) in assignment task in BDM. (in powercenter i would be looking at $PM integration service name and extract the env name)
    Anjali G
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  • Informatica developer assignment task issue

    Hi I am trying to derive few variables in assignment task in informatica developer. But i am able to do one variable in assignment task. rest of the cells are greyed out and i cannot add a new variable. How do i us...
    Anjali G
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  • parameterize runtime properties

    hi all, we created a mapping to write data from hive to hive and set runtime properties in developer client to handle a small files,when we make a static mapping and declare runtime properties "flex.partitionspec2", ...
    Niaga Prima
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  • BDM script issue

    Hello , I have created a ksh script to copy some files from local to HDFS location ,which is using fine in linux terminal. but when i tried to call the same script from the BDM application , the command task succeede...
    Anjali G
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  • Date Datatype conversion in dynamic mapping

    Hi All,   I'm running a dynamic mapping that reads records from Teradata source and writes them to Hive table. The source table is dynamic and configured to get the columns from the source at run-time. When the...
    John Naiderman
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  • Permission to view "Run-Time Application"

    Hi All,   What is the specific permission required to use "Connect to Run-time Application" from the developer tool(DEI 10.4.1).   What is the need - "Connect to a run-time application to view read-only ...
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  • Informatica Data Processor transformation is failing with InputFromBuffer: Parser Failed (The document is empty)

    I am using Informatica BDM 10.4.1 version.   In my mapping, I am using data processor transformation to parse the JSON response which I am getting from REST web service consumer transformation. The JSON response...
    Sundar Mariappan
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