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PowerCenter customers can now build mappings that can read from and write to Hive. Hive connectivity is now supported through ODBC.



Some salient features include:

  • Reading from both internally and externally managed Hive tables
  • Extensive data type support
  • Easily ingest data from relational tables, flat files and others sources into Hive or vice-versa
  • Query override support for complex and custom HiveQLs
  • Read support for partitioned and bucketed Hive tables
  • ANSI SQL-92 support


Known limitations

Following are the known limitations of the driver*:

  • Write to partitioned Hive tables
  • Write to bucketed Hive tables


* Support may vary between Hadoop distributions



Here are the KB articles that describe the simple steps that allow PowerCenter to read from and write to Hive.

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