• Is it possible to have multiple listener services on oracle db server

    Hi All,   I am facing the challenge to configure multiple listener services on a single ORACLE DB server (2 DB instances are running). can you guide me on how to achieve this.
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  • working on a rulepoint, to get alert every 15 mins that rulepoint is UP- Not working

    i put   SELECT 1  AS STATUS FROM DUAL WHERE SYSDATE  > TO_DATE ( <<tstamp>>,'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss')  in source connection,   in topic i put only STATUS as column   i ...
    gautham marathu
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  • PowerExchange 9.6.1

    Does anybody know if PowerExchange 9.6.1 be upgraded to support IMS v14 and z/OS v2.2?
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  • Error met when try to import table from oracle 12 c via DataDirect 7.1 oracle wire protocol driver

    Hi,   My local client have informatica PC 9.1 with DataDirect ODBC 6 and informatica BDE 9.6.1 with DataDirect ODBC 7.1 installed and are able to import table from oracle 11g db via ODBC 6 driver before.   ...
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  • is Data Analyzer available with PowerCenter Version 10.2?

    We need to know if Data Analyzer or other similar tool that performs automated code review is available and  compatible with PowerCenter V 10.2. Please let us know if such tool exists and / or if you have any sug...
  • Differential an address as a business or a residential

    Hi All,   I would like to ask are there any output from Address Doctor that can help me to differential an address as a business or a residential?   I try the output "address type" already, it simply is no...
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  • getting the followign error when trying to connect to MmySQL: The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the driver and application

    Hi,   I've setup a ODBC driver for MYSQL connection... Test the connection yet The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the driver and application.
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  • How to use a Parameter in a DVO Table Pair WHERE clause

    Hi All,   I have setup a DVO table pair to compare 2 flat files, of similar structure. We want to filter the data by the 'Created Date' column. We plan to user a parameter file for the Created Date.   We...
    Gary Barbour
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  • ERROR: "PWX-02011 SQL fetch error. SQLCODE = -1" when running CDC Real Time session

    We are having this error during the execution of a CDC session, it is the first time we are running something with CDC. Severity    Timestamp    Node    Thread  &...
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  • Capturing data from DB2 with LUW

    Hello, I am trying to read from DB2 with CDC and using LUW I am having difficulty setting up the extraction groups and connections in the Powercenter. I am confused with the LISTENER and I think that is why it is givi...
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  • In which release did this CR HDS-5461 will go?

    In which release did this CR HDS-5461 will go?
    Dinakar Challa
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  • Session error 36401. execution terminated unexpectedly

    My session reads from a file and inserts in a table. When the session has completed, all expected rows are inserted into the table. No error messages are in the session log. The session is flagged as FAILED. The w...
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  • Not consistent code between infa 9.5.1 and 10.1.1

    Below if the difference in output of the following values between the 2 infa versions. Had used this to generate an algo of unique numbers. Can someone explain me how to get it sorted. len = 24 , i = 0 10.1.1-Math....
    prakyath pai
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  • Informatica Cloud FileIO connector

    Hi, is there any limitation on the file size that can be downloaded by FileIO connector. What should be the string data type precession value for downloading files more than 500 MB
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  • Are PowerCenter client tools for 10.x are only available for 64 bit environments?

    Hi,   My team is in the process of upgrading informatica to version 10 from 9.5.   Just wanted to confirm if PowerCenter client tools for 10.x will work on 32 bit windows laptops. Some of the informatica c...
    Bhavik Ahir
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  • Topic parameter is rounding off the received value

    The SQL Source is passing a big int value to the Topic however the value of the parameter shown is rounded up. I.e. the number passed is 5100000000006483231, it became 510000000000648000.
    Roque "Jay" Pontanares
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  • Request for new user access

    Hi Team, Could you please provide a shared account to our AMEX team, so that any can raise a case to informatica and followup. Team size is : 5 members email id : SyntelDQMETeam@aexp.com   let me know if you ...
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  • Delete all/mulitple rulepoint object in a Project

    Hi,   Is there a functionality available on Rulepoint v6.2 to Delete all/mulitple rulepoint objects?   If none, when will this be available?   Thank you
    Roque "Jay" Pontanares
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  • Receiving PCSF_46013 Cannot Connect to URL [http://servername:9005/coreservices/DomainConfigurationService

    We receive this error message when we are attempting to Configure a Domain through PowerCenter Repository Manager.
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  • tuning questions, please help me

    I am Informatica Developer and currently working on Informatica tuning project. I met two problems and do not understand them and after google, I still cannot solve or understand what I did wrong and need experts give...
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