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The release also includes the upgraded RulePoint SDK 6.1 compatible with RulePoint 6.1.

This version of RulePoint comes with the following enhancements:


  • Improved usability and productivity
    • Improved user interaction with support for filtering, listing and details views
    • Rule Authoring enhancements – comments support in DRQL language, Visual editor, integrated samples
    • Better source, rule development experience – event preview, tracing preview, statement level trace drill down
    • Integrated event explorer – ability to search, detailed, summary views and export to csv
    • Integrated log viewer – ability to view, search, purge product logs
    • Visual representation of the runtime topology, system component states
  • Improved Installation and Administration
    • Command line tools for export, import, deployment operations
    • Ability to selectively export and import objects from the design repository
    • Bundling of H2 reduces time and effort to deploy to help with POC and small installation
  • Out of the box integration with Informatica Platform, Vibe Data Stream, Ultra Messaging
  • Better and performant runtime engine
    • Up to 50% latency reductions depending on deployment scenarios
    • New built-in analytics for encryption, date and string operations
    • Indexing of most recent two hours of all events – to aid rules development in development topologies
    • Continuous log collection from all topology nodes and centralized persistence – to aid better troubleshooting
  • Extensive set of bundled samples
    • 100+ DRQL rule samples covering various aspects of event processing, integrated into the DRQL visual editor
    • Projects – 3 sample projects with all event processing objects
    • Custom services – sample Java code for custom source, responder, analytic, marshaller, un-marshallers
    • Pluggable security – sample Java code for pluggable security using Spring
  • Expanded PAM Support
    • OS support – 64 bit only:  Solaris SPARC 10, AIX 6.1, 7.1
    • Browser support – IE 10
    • LDAP support – SunOne Director Server 6.x, IBM Tivoli 6.x, Novell Director Server 8.7.3, 8.8.1, 8.8.2


Informatica RulePoint - 6.1 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica RulePoint - 6.1 - SDK Release Notes - (English)