• HOW TO Enable Alert Searches in RTAM 3 1 HF1

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  • Informatica issue - transformation

    I want to know how to get latest updated record via Informatica. Suppose I have 10 records in a temporary table. 3 records for Account1, 3 for Account2 and 4 records for Account3. Now out of these 3 accounts, I need f...
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  • Informatica Server Hardware Upgrade  and Repository DB Upgrade

    Hi,   We have a scenario to upgrade Informatica server which is currently running on Redhat Linux 6x to Redhat Linux7 version and Repository Database to Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c . Current Informatica version is ...
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  • Where is the search panel in Real Time Alert Manager 6.1?

    I've read in the RTAM 3.1 documentation about using the "Search" panel, however, when I installed RTAM with RulePoint 6.1, I don't see a search panel.  Did that functionality get removed?   Thanks!
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  • Install RulePoint and RTAM as a service/diamon

    Dears,   I need to install RulePoint and RTAM as a windows service or linux diamond, because of the current versions come as a web application and you need to download TomCat and run RulePoint as a web site in T...
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  • CEP  RTAM 3.1 HotFix 1 is now available

    RTAM 3.1 HotFix 1 includes the following additional features:   Installer support for Windows, Linux and AIX against Tomcat 6. Removal of limitation of the size of a RTAM alert message body for DB2 repositorie...
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  • Real-Time Alert Manager 3.1 HotFix 1 Installer is updated and available

    The highlights of the Real-Time Alert Manager (RTAM) 3.1 HotFix 1 Installer update are: Additional Platform Support for Installer (Windows-based): Application Server: WebSphere 7.0 Application Server: JBoss 4.2.3 ...
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