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Release Highlights:


  • Delivers a set of new RulePoint configurable templates that allow self-monitoring of the solution. These include:
    • B2B MFT mailbox availability
    • CEP Persistent Layer availability
    • RulePoint SQL response availability
    • Success of daily backup processes
    • B2B DX queue size
    • HL7 message throughput
    • B2B DX event throughput
    • CEP event throughput
    • Abnormal alert pattern detection
  • Daily performance reports on HL7 message throughput.
  • Enhanced interface for the pre-built solution templates
    • Drop-down list selection for template parameters
    • Ability to enter multiple choices for template parameters
    • Flexibility to define different alert body for different rules created from the same template
  • Introduces a new set of database objects dedicated to reporting and data analysis. Now there are two sets of database objects within the CEP Persistent Layer
    • Operational set (ODS) used exclusively by B2B DX server to write to and by RulePoint to read from.
    • Reporting set (datamart) intended for reporting and analytical needs. The reporting tables are updated daily from the operational table set
  • Alert delivery performance enhancements with help of
    • Enabling ‘cache’ option for selected SQL Analytics that deal with static data
    • Data cleansing of HL7 message within PowerCenter real-time workflows
    • Simplification of template creation process and reduction in number of SQL analytic calls by referencing appropriate business event topics



Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management - 2.0 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM - Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management 2