• Need a query which needs to give last one month sessions ran count info

    Hi Friends,   i need to fetch the below details from repository tables. Does any one have the query,Please provide me the query details   how many workflows ran in my environment since one month? how man...
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  • My connection value in session don't refresh

    Hi.   I am changing the connection value of my session, but when i run the workflow it maintains a previous  connection value.   Help me.   PD: Enviroment - Production.
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  • XML Target creates more files as per the source records

    Hi,   I am creating an informatica mapping which has Source as Oracle and XML as target. While running the workflow the target XML creates many files as .xml as per the source records.   Ex: Source records...
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  • Delimited flatfile

    I created a source definition using single pipe (|) as delimiter. Now the source file I am getting is delimited by double pipe (||). How can I load the data from this data file? I tried loading this double delimi...
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  • How to access webservice using HTTP transformation

    Hi,   I have an URL (for a Webservice), User id and Password.   I need to use the HTTP transformation to access the above url using the provided user id and pwd and store the response in a flat file. The r...
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  • Questions.

    I have a few questions.  We are looking to upgrade our current version of Informatica 9.1. 1) Can someone tell me the official Informatica 9.1 End of Life (EOL)  / support date? 2) What are the latest 2 ve...
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  • In proactive monitoring, can I apply a different set of rules to each repo that is monitored?

    I need a set of rules applied to each monitored repository in the domain. Can this be done? If so, then what are the general steps to do this? Thank you
    Marcos Resendez Jr
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  • Multiple versions of PowerCenter in one Informatica Domain

    We have multiple groups in our IT department using Powercenter.  One group is 'stuck' on 9.1 due to the use of an appliance connector which doesn't work with subsequent versions.  We are licensed for multipl...
    Brian Randolph
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  • SF_34004: Server initialization failed.

    Hi,   We are using Informatica PowerCenter Version 9.5.1 HotFix2. Operating System: Linux-86 64   We couldn't start integration service and getting error 'This PowerCenter Integration Service is una...
  • How to configure the environment and display information in english?

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  • deadlock when update data into sybase database.

    Will show us session logs as below:   WRT_8299 Database errors occurred:        Thu Jun 18 xxxxx SQL Server Message 1205: Your server command (family id #0, process id #86) encountered ...
    xiejian xie
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  • Deleted Users showing in database

    I had deleted users from the MDM HUB (9.0.1), all the users got deleted from HUB but some of the users still showing in CMX_ORS.C_REPOS_USER table.   Does anyone know how this happens ? Now, How to sync the user...
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  • How can i disable OSPROFILE

    I enable the OSprofile in Informtica Powercenter 9.5.1 and now i want to disable it .. so i did the following   Change the OS sticky Bit profile and removed the OSporfile from admin console .. recycled the serv...
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  • Sequence Generator Not continue for the next workflow for the same table

    Hi Team Please find the screenshot and properties for sequence generator I have 3 workflows 1. Initial Load. 2.CDC load run forever never ending job. 3.Delta Load on demand load.   My problem is i m ...
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  • Informatica 12

    Hello, This is my request.
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  • Need Urgent :Informatica Sequence Generator will Skipping the Sequnce order?

    Hi   Below are my setting for Sequence generator. But my table i miss the sequnce number in between the data load.   Below Sequnce i missed 74538. Is it possible? or record got deleted.    ...
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  • delete and re-create the admin user to fix error

    We are running Informatica 9.1.0 Hotfix 2 and ran into a problem where all of our Informatica jobs failed with the error: "User [admin] does not have sufficient privilege for this operation".  Over the weekend, t...
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  • Informatica Power center

    Hi ,         I am planning to do informatica power center Certification. Can anyone provide me the details regarding the levels,durations and # of questions and fees.   Thanks Ramesh
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  • Can anyone update me the process to handle database constraints for error handling in informatica

    Can anyone update me the process to handle database constraints for error handling in informatica.
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  • HOW to convert XML file as Flat file using Designer ?

    Hi I have a XML file for which ineed to convert this file as One Flat filr for One XML ,How do i convert this using Designer (8.6.1)hanks Rajesh.
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