• iconic view

    Hi, does anyone have a list of the icon definitions?  When I view my mappings in 'iconic' view, I would like to know what the icons mean.  Thanks, Jim
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  • Disable target during session run

    Hello, I've got session with one source and two relational targets in 2 different databases. Everything works fine until both databases are online, but if one of databases goes offline, session fails. Is there any w...
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  • Performence Issue:select query taking morethan 1hr to complete 700k rec's

    Hi ,   Attached my select statement taking more than 1hr(1:00hr 20mins) to complete data loading.I have tried with commit interval increase and other options.But not use,please help me to reduce the performance ...
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  • CMN_1022[Database driver error...] :--Error while connecting to source

    Hi,   I'm facing a problem in connectivity as below : -- 1.When i'm importing table metadata in source analyzer(Designer),using Datasource name & server_name(service name as specified in tns file),   ...
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  • Session Memory

    Is there a way to limit session memory?   Tks
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  • Calling Informatica web service

    Hi ,   I am trying to find an example of a login + execute of an Informatica web service.   Code can use .Net or C#   can you please advice     Thanks   Rony
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  • PowerCenter Workflow Manager version 9

    The Repository Navigator is not in place anymore. In the old version when this would happen, all I needed to do was to delete pmsrvmgr.ini file. Can you please let me know what file I should delete in version 9 in ord...
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Does Proactive monitoring require a seperate license? We have enterprise license and service level is MC.   Regards, Rupesh Katkar
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  • Memory is not getting released after the completion of session run

    Hi guys,   I have workflow which has three sessions to run the parser, mapper and serializer DT components and i am using the JMS queses as source and target. After the parser session completed the file process...
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  • XML-Import didn't import SQL query of a SQL Transformation

    Hi all,   After the XML import of some mappings without errors, we noted that in all SQL Transformation objects the SQL queries were missing.   Does anybody have any idea why this happened?     ...
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  • How can I use a variable in  Power Center??

       Hello everybody,   I wanted to  explain how can I use a variable  in Power  Center.  I have to  compare this variable into another table into  different consult. For&#...
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  • generateReadableViewXML

    Hello,   we use INF9.1 HF5 on RHEL Server: We try to create a readable version of a backup with command:   infacmd.sh xrf generateReadableViewXML -sxf rep_ocean_dev_20120817.rep -tf rep_ocean_dev_20120817....
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  • How to generate PK and FK in the midstream XML generator Transformation

    Hi, I have a requirement where I would need to generate an XML file. Order is the root element. Details,product are multiple-occurring elements of minoccurs 1 to maxoccurs 20.   Order has attributes Descriptio...