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Informatica Proactive Monitoring solutions for PowerCenter comes with the following new features and benefits.


  • Support for PowerCenter file and folder monitoring
  • Additional preconfigured and pre-packaged rules to monitor Operations and Governance in PowerCenter
  • Ability to manage PMPC objects from the PMPC Management Console. Users can view statistics for the events generated by a source, activations on a rule for specific timelines
  • Improved response formatting to provide details around Sessions and Workflows
  • Export reports as CSV
  • Single installer to deploy all required components. Integrated RulePoint installer with PMPC installer
  • Support for PowerCenter 9.6 and related PAM

Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter v3.0 is built on Informatica RulePoint v6.1 and it inherits the following features and benefits of RulePoint:


  • Improved usability and productivity
    • Integrated run-time dashboard. This allows user to monitor activity info over time series, resource utilization and incoming events and outgoing alerts
    • Indexing of most recent two hours of all events – to aid rules development in development topologies
    • Improved user interaction with support for filtering, listing and details views
    • Rule Authoring enhancements – comments support in DRQL language, Visual editor, integrated samples
    • Rule language (DRQL) changes – slide, tumble support, group by, distinct selector, remove post operators
    • Integrated event explorer – ability to search, detailed, summary views and export to csv
    • Integrated log viewer – ability to view, search, purge product logs
    • Role-specific segmentation of views for developers, administrators, and other user-defined roles
    • Integrated Real-Time Alert Manager
    • Separation of design and runtime environments, new UI
    • Dynamic loading of custom sources, analytics, responders into the design-time and run-time environment using OSGi
    • Pluggable marshallers to enrich events
    • Pluggable unmarshallers to enrich responses
  • Improved Runtime Performance, Scalability and Reliability
    • Performance improvement up to 2x on the same hardware, based on an internal benchmarks. Up to 50% latency reductions depending on deployment scenarios
    • Continuous log collection from all topology nodes and centralized persistence – to aid better troubleshooting
    • System managed failover, fault-tolerance. Ability to run in standalone mode and high-availability mode
    • No loss data exchange infrastructure built on Ultra Messaging Persistence
    • Ultra Messaging support for event processor state synchronization between primary and secondary instances
  • Installation, Security and Administration
    • Spring 3.1 security enhancements, with support for a wide range of external authentication modules.
    • Control deployments to the run-time topology through object-level permissions
    • Error codes and descriptions for errors in the design-time and run-time environment
    • Command line tool to collect and package topology configuration and logs for customer support analysis
    • Email alerts for reporting failure in the topology and services
    • Support to reset the topology if there are unrecoverable errors

Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Governance - 3.0 - Release Notes - (English)

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