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Proactive Monitoring

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Release highlights:


  • Added additional template input controls, dynamically-generated pick lists, custom input validation expressions and messages, and designer layout updates to enable template writers to create templates that better map to end-users’ business context.
  • Rule Profiling and Tracing displays high and low level information on rule execution to provide greater visibility and analysis during the development and testing of event processing rules.
  • Enhanced Rule Syntax Validation highlights “soft errors” and "warnings" in rules that are syntactically correct but could generate wrong or unintended results for the rule writer.
  • Added inline mathematical operators and additional analytical functions (min, max, mod, power).
  • Additional platform coverage: Internet Explorer 8 client browsers and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server operating system (see PAM for the complete list).
  • License Key Generator now integrated with Informatica Shipping/Fulfillment and POC systems.



Release notes:

RulePoint 5.2