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Informatica Proactive Monitoring solution for Data Quality now supports PowerCenter 9.6.1 and related PAM.

Informatica PMDQ v2.0 is built on Informatica RulePoint v6.1. This requires anyone upgrading to PMDQ v2.0 to first upgrade RulePoint to v6.1.


Informatica Informatica Proactive Monitoring for Data Quality - 2.0 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for Informatica Proactive Monitoring for Data Quality 2.0

Informatica Proactive Monitoring solutions for PowerCenter comes with the following new features and benefits.


  • Support for PowerCenter file and folder monitoring
  • Additional preconfigured and pre-packaged rules to monitor Operations and Governance in PowerCenter
  • Ability to manage PMPC objects from the PMPC Management Console. Users can view statistics for the events generated by a source, activations on a rule for specific timelines
  • Improved response formatting to provide details around Sessions and Workflows
  • Export reports as CSV
  • Single installer to deploy all required components. Integrated RulePoint installer with PMPC installer
  • Support for PowerCenter 9.6 and related PAM

Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter v3.0 is built on Informatica RulePoint v6.1 and it inherits the following features and benefits of RulePoint:


  • Improved usability and productivity
    • Integrated run-time dashboard. This allows user to monitor activity info over time series, resource utilization and incoming events and outgoing alerts
    • Indexing of most recent two hours of all events – to aid rules development in development topologies
    • Improved user interaction with support for filtering, listing and details views
    • Rule Authoring enhancements – comments support in DRQL language, Visual editor, integrated samples
    • Rule language (DRQL) changes – slide, tumble support, group by, distinct selector, remove post operators
    • Integrated event explorer – ability to search, detailed, summary views and export to csv
    • Integrated log viewer – ability to view, search, purge product logs
    • Role-specific segmentation of views for developers, administrators, and other user-defined roles
    • Integrated Real-Time Alert Manager
    • Separation of design and runtime environments, new UI
    • Dynamic loading of custom sources, analytics, responders into the design-time and run-time environment using OSGi
    • Pluggable marshallers to enrich events
    • Pluggable unmarshallers to enrich responses
  • Improved Runtime Performance, Scalability and Reliability
    • Performance improvement up to 2x on the same hardware, based on an internal benchmarks. Up to 50% latency reductions depending on deployment scenarios
    • Continuous log collection from all topology nodes and centralized persistence – to aid better troubleshooting
    • System managed failover, fault-tolerance. Ability to run in standalone mode and high-availability mode
    • No loss data exchange infrastructure built on Ultra Messaging Persistence
    • Ultra Messaging support for event processor state synchronization between primary and secondary instances
  • Installation, Security and Administration
    • Spring 3.1 security enhancements, with support for a wide range of external authentication modules.
    • Control deployments to the run-time topology through object-level permissions
    • Error codes and descriptions for errors in the design-time and run-time environment
    • Command line tool to collect and package topology configuration and logs for customer support analysis
    • Email alerts for reporting failure in the topology and services
    • Support to reset the topology if there are unrecoverable errors

Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Governance - 3.0 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations - 3.0 - Release Notes - (English)

Release Highlights:


  1. Query optimization Several SQL Source queries re-written to improve performance with corresponding  Rule optimizations
  2. Default Source schedule frequencies relaxed to 10 minutes - these can be set to any values based on requirements, subject to query round-trip timings
  3. Topic persistence changed to 10 Minutes with exception for topics related to When N and Multitopic rules


Proactive PowerCenter Monitoring Release Notes

Release highlights:


  • Support for Internet Explorer 8 client browsers.
  • Migration scripts to update RulePoint 5.1 to version 5.2 GA


RulePoint 5.1 SP4 Release Notes

Release highlights:


  • Added additional template input controls, dynamically-generated pick lists, custom input validation expressions and messages, and designer layout updates to enable template writers to create templates that better map to end-users’ business context.
  • Rule Profiling and Tracing displays high and low level information on rule execution to provide greater visibility and analysis during the development and testing of event processing rules.
  • Enhanced Rule Syntax Validation highlights “soft errors” and "warnings" in rules that are syntactically correct but could generate wrong or unintended results for the rule writer.
  • Added inline mathematical operators and additional analytical functions (min, max, mod, power).
  • Additional platform coverage: Internet Explorer 8 client browsers and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server operating system (see PAM for the complete list).
  • License Key Generator now integrated with Informatica Shipping/Fulfillment and POC systems.



Release notes:

RulePoint 5.2