• Can i load completed tasks and link to leads?

    I'm trying to upload completed activities for a batch of leads. I receive a warning symbol and not explanation of why its not connecting.
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  • Informatica Data Wizard can't detect any fields to map

    We've had Informatica Data Wizard installed for about 6 months and it's always worked without issue. Today we attempted to do a basic import using the same template format we've always used, and suddenly the data wiza...
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  • Informatica Cloud Data Wizard - Displaying all 0 objects

    Hi.  We have Data Wizard setup in Prod and it's working without any issues.  We setup in a dev sbx, and when we try to choose an object to import into, we get an error message saying "Displaying all 0 object...
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  • Informatica process returning multiple rows does not validate correctly(soapui)

    Informatica cloud process which calls an api that returns multiple rows does not return the row values in soapui(during validation)   xquery assignment code- let $ContactResponse := for $row in $output.dataAcce...
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  • What's New in Data Wizard this summer?

    We are pleased to announce that Informatica Cloud Data Wizard has been enhanced to support on-premise databases like Oracle and SQL Server. Now you can import/export data between Salesforce and Oracle or SQL Server ta...
  • sequence generator

    Hi,   Where can i find a sequence generator transformation in informatica cloud platform as we have it in powercenter.
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  • Can we schedule a task in datawizard

    Can we schedule a task in cloud data wizard
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  • How to add a lookup using the new Data Wizard

    Is it even possible to use a simple lookup function using the Data Wizard when importing related records into Salesforce ? The lookup function is missing from the Special functions in the Data Wizard.   I do ha...
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  • How to link records?

    I'm experimenting with the Cloud Data wizard in Salesforce and I want to easily link related records.   Department record contains an external unique field named Account Key.  I want to load new Contacts ...
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