• Unlock codes issue

    Unlock codes: TQ9N2EFEQ2N4DSL83X2QW9LTRLNU1805FN5A JYULULZTXTFEQ8F5DTKKKLVFH5627MF9QD6   We are getting remote component failed messages for few countries like India, Mexico after implementing above unlock codes....
    Mohit Jain
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  • How to keep Azure SQL Server connection live in Informatica Cloud - when runajobcli triggers task

    Hi,   I'm having a stored procedure(SP) executed within Mapping which is taking around 45 mins and the SP has output (Select columns). Based on the operations within SP, output is generated and is used to update...
    Uttej Gouri
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  • Application FileIntegrationService version 10.1 set to stop. Reason: Org licenses changed

    Need support,   Our runtime environment is up and running but encountered error upon running a mapping. "There's no active secure agent in secure agent group ..." I checked the audit log as suggested and the mas...
    Lyneth Sullano
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  • Can I add a SOQL query inside expression to fetch data from salesforce using informatica cloud

    I have csv file as a source and salesforce as target in informatica cloud. To populate one of the fields on salesforce side, I want to write an IFF expression. If a=true, populate the field with 'xyz' but if a!=true, ...
    Anonymous Student
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  • Lookup inside a User-Defined Function

    Enhancement request, I think...  Having unconnected lookups in a mapping is cleaner than having a dozen inline Lookup widgets.  But even then, it makes for a lot of visual clutter.   In a Data Mart sce...
    Doug Newton
    created by Doug Newton
  • How to get all data from concur through Rest v2 connector

    Hey team,       I am trying to get all the attendees data from concur to a flat file.   I could only get first 25 records out of it. How can we get all records through concur.     ...
    Nikita Bhandari
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  • Database query [EXEC stored_procedure] is empty in JDBC connection:[jdbc:informatica:sqlserver://host:port;DatabaseName=DBName;ApplicationName=AppName,agentid=null;agentGroupId=xxxx;orgId=xxx;]

    I am trying to execute a stored procedure through the source query when i am facing this issue. Database query [EXEC stored_procedure] is empty in JDBC connection:[jdbc:informatica:sqlserver://host:port;DatabaseName=...
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  • How to use multiple connections for your 'Source' table?

    I'd like to use multiple sources in order to map to a single table - I know this can be done by either selecting "Mulitple Sources" in the Source tab when creating a task, or through defining a custom query which sele...
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  • Does informatica cloud support Java Transformation ????

    Hi All,   I am using ICS and i want to know whether Java transformation is available in Informatica cloud or not.   Please provide your Answer.   Thanks in advance. Athar
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  • Incremental Replication task  vs Data Synchronization task performance

    Hi Team,   I want to to do an incremental load , which task should I use Incremental Replication task  or Data Synchronization task? As I think since we use primary key in Data Synchronization task, it sho...
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  • RunAJobCli and encrypted password

    To use RunAJobCli,  we need to pass the env details in to restenv.properties file. Is there a way, we can store the password as encrypted word instead of clear text. please advice.   Thanks!
  • Taskflow copy

    hi . Is there a way to copy a taskflow along with all its tasks in ICS?
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  • How to Attach a file In Email ?

    I am new to Informatica Cloud . I want to export from anaplan and want that that exported file to be sent via email on monthly basis . Is it possible to do that ?
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  • Informatica Cloud -- Linear Task Flow Hanging no error

    We have a informatica Linear Task flow Job that is stalling at a data synchornization task for over 10 hours.   This job has been completing successfully for over 3-4 years without significant changes.   W...
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  • Marketo Lead data pull using informatica cloud

    Hi,   When i pull the data from Marketo using Informatica cloud i am getting the below error and the job is failing, can any one suggest how to handle this error.   [ERROR] The following error occurred whil...
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  • Hive target field mapping in ICS

    Hi,   I m using Hive table as target in informatica cloud .In target properties selected  'use existing object'.But when i go field mapping tab columns are not getting displayed. I could see only column wit...
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  • Dynamic use of Transformation logic

    Hi All,   Is there a way to generalize transformation in IICS mapping and access it in other objects to make it dynamic.   i mean like define logic externally and access in the transformation , or any other...
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  • Informatica Cloud Data Wizard.

    Hi,   I have a few question which i would like to ask.   1. Is the Informatica Cloud Data Wizard a new release of Informatica Cloud Data Loader? If not then form where can we download the Informatica Cloud...
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  • Informatica cloud- export object failure- ""one or more objects has a dependent object outside current organization""

    Hi Team, When we are trying to export an object(mapping,mapping task) from informatica cloud version we are getting the below error. "one or more objects has a dependent object outside current organization" If we a...
    sridhar SOMISETTY
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  • How to Pass connection name using Parameter File in IICS

    Hi All,   I am new to IICS and trying to create mapping where I can pass connection name from Parameter file same as Power Center. When we create a connection parameter , it force to give value while creating Ma...
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