DiscoveryIQ has now launched Activity Log Analysis. With this feature, customers can now view and analyze activity logs alongside other relevant logs (agent/tomcat/session logs streamed by DiscoveryIQ Agent).


The Activity Log Analysis is useful to customers in the following:


  • In highlighting areas of job failure in terms of the environment, date, and time.
  • In analyzing overall run status for a task/taskflow.
  • In identifying job triggers.
  • In enabling failure cause analysis, including job abort due to duplicate instances.
  • In studying the most frequently occurring failure patterns.
  • In downloading as CSV, for further analysis by other tools.

In DiscoveryIQ, the Log Analysis tab page has four broad information sections:



All values here change based on filters selected.

  • Overall number of agents involved in log analysis
  • Total no of Log events
  • Total no of fatal log events
  • Total no of error log events
  • Total no of warning  log events
  • No of Task runs
  • No of Taskflow runs


  • Agent Summary – Agent wise event distributions (Fatal/Error/Warning)
  • Error Trends (Occurrences) – top (15) most occurring events
  • Error Trend Recommendations – Recommendations related to top occurring events, on selection of a specific event in the “Error Trends(Occurrences)” section.  Only recommendations specific to the selected event will show up.

Event Timeline Graph

A timeline graph shows day wise aggregation view of events over the past month(default time range - 1 week, default events selected – fatal, error and warning).

  • Range filter can show data up to today from 1day/1week/15days/1month. Also date range filter is just beside it.
  • Legends are clickable and by default fatal/error/warning is selected. Info and debug can be clicked to be enabled.

Event Table, Filters and Download

The table view shows actual events and their respective field values. Certain columns may be hidden but can be enabled by selecting the desired columns from the Filters > Column Selection.  The Filters can help with events belonging only to a desired agent, log type, or log level. By default, log level info and debug are not pre-selected, but can always be selected to display.To download selected events, use the Download button. Only the selected columns will be part of this downloaded CSV.


The attached PDF answers the following FAQs.

  1. How do I find which tasks failed to run on a given date?
  2. What is the run stat for a given taskflow/task on a given range of time?
  3. What are the most commonly faced issues (error messages) in a given time range/task/taskflow/overall?
  4. Who started a task on a given date time?
  5. What tasks are running as per a given schedule name/REST/outbound msg?
  6. How to find the tasks running and run stats per agent?
  7. How to find interleaved log messages across log types?
  8. What are the tasks running under a workflow?
  9. How to get Activity logs for a given date and task and download this information as a report in an XLS sheet?