The Business Benefits of the Process and Guide Reports

Just as in Informatica Cloud Services (ICS), DiscoveryIQ extends its capability to Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT).


Report analytics covered by DiscoveryIQ in ICRT are Process and Guide oriented. They show the Run History, Status, Top Usage, and so on. This helps an ICRT user plan the load on their system by monitoring the system-wide run patterns of the process/guide.


How to access the Process and Guide reports in DiscoveryIQ


In DiscoveryIQ, in the ICRT product view, the Guide KPI and Process KPI reports are available.



Use the number reference guide in the image for reference to the content below. For instance, in the first image, (2) refers to Guide KPI and (3) refers to Process KPI.


The reports of Guide KPI (2) and Process KPI (3) are available in the ICRT Analytics tab > Operational reports. For more information on how to change the product line to ICRT, see this blog post.


These reports show the ICRT Guides/Processes run states for a period of 1 month:


Clicking on a report card displays a graphical overview of the respective runs.



To get a tabular view of historical run metrics, click on any guide in the Guides KPI report or click on a process line graph in the Process KPI report.



Here you can filter based on User Name, Start Date, End Date, Duration, and Status by using the filters (2). You can even download a CSV file report (1).


Some additional options:

  • To return to the Overview page, click the icrt_5.png icon.
  • To filter the chart, use the range selector (2) or the 5 filters (1) such as User, Guide/Process, and their run status in relation to Guide/Process KPI minutes.
  • To filter the results, use the Apply button.
  • To reset all filters, use the Reset button.