• dynamically generate filename for azure

           Hello   Can you please clarify how can  I  find the option  "Enable 'Dynamic File Name' option in the Target transformation." for Ms Azure target connection? ...
    Evgeniy Rasyuk
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  • Create object during run-time

    Hello   How to create file dynamically during RunTime For now, I see this issue with files and folders (in the attach  you can find screenshot)
    Evgeniy Rasyuk
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  • Setting up Rest V2 connection with x-www-form-urlencoded credentials in IICS

    I am attempting a POST to retrieve an access token, and having issues. There are 2 sets of User IDs and passwords - one for Basic authentication and second contained in the x-www-form-urlencoded body.   1) Crea...
    Kevin Wright
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  • Need upgrade of License for Training Prep and Delivery

    I am an employee (pdwyer@informatica.comn) -My org id is : jw9Yvxiddobf3I0174gMI0   How do I upgrade to enable licenses to include:   1: API and APP Integration Trial 2: B2B Gateway Trial 3: Cloud Data M...
    Patrick Dwyer
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  • Reg Informatica cloud CDC using Setmaxvariable not working

    Hello,   I'm using the variable in a output port of expression as SetMaxVariable($$includemaxdate, to_char(MODIFIED_DATE,'YYYY-MM-DD')). I have the aggregation type as MAX for this mapping variable. I gave the d...
    Balaji Soundararajan
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  • Not able to see objects in the target when using Oracle Financials Cloud V1 connector

    Hi Team, Trying to load data to oracle finance using Oracle Financials Cloud V1 connector, but not able to see the objects like below.     Help me out to resolve this issue.
    pereddy seshaseyanareddy
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  • [ERROR] Failed to process data: m: Failed to read input document.- for more information see file://C:/PROGRA~1/INFORM~1/apps/Data_Integration_Server/data/CMReports/Tmp/2021-07-06/Source_h2r_udt_2g9v7_ONLY_H2R_XMAP_H2R_A2b47a058-933d-454d-b675-fc76ae0ad944

    Hi team,   I am facing below error while running mct using oracle  HCM cloud v1 connector in DI.   [ERROR] Failed to process data: m: Failed to read input document.- for more information see file://C:...
    Bhargavi Nara
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  • Filter

    Hello,     Please consider this problem statement   Consider this table, I want to load the columns A,C and D to target using mapping, but I want to filter it in way that only the parameters having DY...
    Shawn Mathew
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  • How to parameterize the target Operation property in a mapping ?

    Kleber Rebello
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  • ICC API - Multi Job initiation

    We have created a Python based script that calls ICC Workflows via the API. It has a polling routine to get the Activity logs to confirm the end-result of the Workflow and Tasks.   The issue we are seeing is wh...
    William Mannion
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  • August 2021 Monthly release for NA West 1, NA East 2 pods and US West 1 Azure

    8/10/21 9:00 PM
    This is the monthly connector, application and package release.   Please refer status page for details: Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Status - August '21 Monthly release for IICS NA West 1, NA East 2, ...
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    August 2021 Monthly release for NA West 1, NA East 2 pods and US West 1 Azure
  • REST v2 connector support for "additionalProperties"

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    consider the following snippet in a swagger definition (this comes from Mavenlink's swagger def):    "responses": {     "200": {    "description": "Project Template Assignment has...
    David Alvaro
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  • Remove Disabled Services

    Hi !   I have 2 services that are disabled at portal but not at agent. How can i remove / disabled it?   When i restart agent, those services keep trying to startup... Database Ingestion CMI Streaming...
    Guilherme Paz
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  • Informatica Cloud Data Integration connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Hi,   I need to connect Informatica Cloud Data Integration to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations instance, but I cannot find the proper connector in the marketplace, although I found documentation which say...
    Mario Masetto
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  • Informatica cloud secure agent logon as administrator error

    Hi,   I have installed secure agent successfully. But, while configuring this in Admin tool-->services -->logon as Administrator its not working.   I am using my personal laptop and windows 10 as O...
    Asit Kumar Sahu
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  • Not able to load XSLT using java in bpel process

    use case:   Trying to use Saxon for XML to JSON transformation in BPEL java process. But after deployment, I am not getting any error in the information process-engine log file, but I could understand the java i...
    mani vincent
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  • load a file in bpel java at runtime

    How to load a file which was mapped in the BPEL deployed the project from the java code     eg:- Added resource mapped to location hint: project:/<bpel_service_prcess_name>/xsl/<file_name>.xsl...
    mani vincent
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  • APP_21000 : Internal error while processing request

    hello, this morning when trying to edit a connection or a swagger file, I'm getting this: {"code":"APP_21000","description":"Internal error while processing request. Please contact Informatica Global Customer Suppor...
    robert mugabuhamye
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  • How to pass mapping task status to postprocessing command in iics

    Hi,   I'm trying to invoke a python script through post processing command which will trigger an email if the mapping task is failed. Is it possible to pass the mapping task status to the python in post processin...
    Venkat M
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  • Trouble mapping to UNC Path

    Please assist with trying to setup a Flat File Connection to a UNC path.   Receiving errors that the directory does not exist, even though it is visible in File Explorer.   We have the Cloud Secure Agent ...
    Melody Beacher
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